Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Defendant Richard Barnett Speaks With NBC News

NBC News’ Scott MacFarlane interviews Capitol riot defendant Richard Barnett.
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  1. He covered up the Confederate flag with the American flag in the background !!! Not sure but i gotta pretty good hunch !!!😒….😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Wecome to prison. Sure isn't the holiday Inn . But you do get Free meals ,free room and board , free morning black coffee. And you get to meet black bubba your roomate. Enjoy your stay!

  3. You tried to overthrow the government formed by the Constitution I swore an oath to protect with my life. He needs to go to prison period!

  4. Wtf he's talking about 🤦🏾‍♂️ they just said they put them together alone away from general population and called it sum Patriot bullsht..
    White privilege 🐈's should've been in with the rest of the felons..Coward azz roots from his forefathers or sisters👎🏿

  5. So prisons in America are horrible? Imagine the only thing you went to jail for was simple possession.

  6. Aaawwww hes speaking this now but not when Black Lives Matter were protesting & bending the knee.

  7. I am so glad this person was in jail and put into solitary confinement, whether or not Covid is a factor. He needs to go back to jail for the rest of his uneventful life……….

  8. What a double standard. BLM & Antifa get bailed out after rioting, trespassing, destroying, defacing and burning government and private business's. Then all charges get dropped!! Capital rioters gat jailed w/o bail spend days in solitary confinement plus face years behind bars???

  9. Boo fu@kin Hoo. Screw him and all his buddies. Put him back in a cell with a sleeping bag, a bucket, and a full size cardboard poster of President Biden.

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