Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Defendant Richard Barnett Speaks With NBC News

NBC News’ Scott MacFarlane interviews Capitol riot defendant Richard Barnett.
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  1. He covered up the Confederate flag with the American flag in the background !!! Not sure but i gotta pretty good hunch !!!😒….😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Wecome to prison. Sure isn't the holiday Inn . But you do get Free meals ,free room and board , free morning black coffee. And you get to meet black bubba your roomate. Enjoy your stay!

  3. Wtf he's talking about 🤦🏾‍♂️ they just said they put them together alone away from general population and called it sum Patriot bullsht..
    White privilege 🐈's should've been in with the rest of the felons..Coward azz roots from his forefathers or sisters👎🏿

  4. I am so glad this person was in jail and put into solitary confinement, whether or not Covid is a factor. He needs to go back to jail for the rest of his uneventful life……….

  5. What a double standard. BLM & Antifa get bailed out after rioting, trespassing, destroying, defacing and burning government and private business's. Then all charges get dropped!! Capital rioters gat jailed w/o bail spend days in solitary confinement plus face years behind bars???

  6. Boo fu@kin Hoo. Screw him and all his buddies. Put him back in a cell with a sleeping bag, a bucket, and a full size cardboard poster of President Biden.

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