1. "The Legal Expert's theorizes the case is a PR stunt for public support." They like to throw the word "expert" around a lot, but common sense can tell you a lot without so-called experts. This was not a publicity stunt, this was a man wanting the lies and defamation on him to stop so he can have his life back. And it still hasn't. Amber Heard is relentless, and it's just proving that SHE was the one who was abusive, manipulating and violent.

  2. That "theory" is absolute shyte. If you've watched the trial you'd KNOW Ambuser Turd is a wretched creature and Johnny Depp had no other way. She ruined his life and reputation. She's despicable and scary. She's a liar and was the aggressor and abuser in their marriage. FoH!

  3. This is disgusting. This trial is about exposing lies from someone who used s assault and domestic violence as a weapon to garner sympathy and pretended to be a victim of abuse making a joke out of real survivors. The only PR stunt was Amber’s op Ed the same month aquaman was released. She used her lies about a very serious subject to ruin someone’s life and to get attention. She is a sick person who needs help, I’m starting to think whoever decided this was good reporting is sick too.

  4. Yeah MSM is a joke at this point. You guys are tanking and can't keep up with individual content creators because you're pushing nothing but smut. Keep digging that hole.

  5. JD’s behavior in court reminds me of Donald Trump—the snide mocking and facial expressions, his disrespect for legal decorum, his attitude that & "rules/ basic etiquette don’t apply to me”, the smirk… He seems to be abusing the legal system for the purpose of basking in adulation of fans, and of course, as a proxy abuse of his victim.

  6. Really. That's all that you guys took away from this case? Not the countless witnesses…. Who saw that Amber was violent and Johnny never was..wow 😲 it's such a twisting of truth. It's almost like they don't care. They know people don't even pay attention, and watch the trial

  7. Shocker… A has been actor turned drug addict might use his co dependent trap ex to generate relevancy and sympathy.

    They are both assholes in a toxic drug dependent relationship. If you’ve ever seen a “healthy” drug relationship you were probably in one 😂. It is NEVER the fault of only 1

    They quite literally are not possible by very definition without BOTH parties partaking

  8. Wow. What a disgusting perspective. That man has lost millions, been verbally, financially, physically, gaslit- had his finger severed and they call this a PR stunt???? What a garbage outlet. Yall keep popping on my feed. I should probably just block you guys

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