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  1. Well, inflation in healthy economy should be atleast 2 % and when recovering from recession like now 5 %. We are long away from that and have been too many decades; because elites have been protecting rentiers, not industrialists and workers!!!

  2. Thanks for cery kind words About Poland. 12 years ago people in Britain asked me if we have bananas and oranges in Poland:) and now look at Poland as a place where is nice nice to live. Massive change! But reality is that If you have skills you able to find job that will satisfy your needs, but if you don’t, you will be flustered and straggling with reality person in Poland

  3. Re China/US (and allies) relations. It wasn't China that smeared the US, year by year. It wasn't China that tried to oppress and humiliate the US, day by day. China had to react in this way because being nice didn't work. The West only understands its own language and here we are.

  4. The democrats didn’t just use creative and underhanded ways to claim the presidency, but they have also behaved like the children they are by spending as much of other people’s money as humanity possible, and as fast as any group ever has in the history of the world. These are not the acts of sane, competent adult human beings, but they are the acts of ignorance, stupidity and profound incompetence. Nothing good can or will happen at the hands of these Democrat-Marxist-Communist in the USA.

  5. I would love to see a talk on Crimea. I have been trying to keep up with what's been happening in Eastern Europe in a very objective way, but it can be difficult to get full facts, details, and objective perspectives in the US. I've found some good sources, but would like to learn more.

  6. Some might want to consider Russia as a new home. Many large families from the US and Europe have been relocating there; it's one of the few significant country in the world that I don't see purposely headed into the toilet.

  7. With respect to India and Japan, both have realized how the US has screwed them over while promising them undeliverable dreams. In the end, they will need to each figure out what benefits or costs they have in their decisions, but given that China will most likely become the largest consumer market, they would be stupid to go against it. It seems very logical given an objective view of the current situation and direction.

  8. China is not so stupid to be totally dependent on the US dollar. It has multiple plan B’s. Most likely it has already used the treasury bills as collateral for gold and other international infrastructure projects. The way to think about it is, “If you were in charge of China, how would you manage or plan for these potential events.”

  9. Alex and Alexander,
    I would like to introduce you to a concept that will liberate you from the sheeple belief that the Fed is trying to save us and the economy.
    I’ll ask a few questions that may help you discover the darker side to what is really happening:
    1. How much does it cost the Fed to buy up all of those debt and paper financial instruments?
    2. If they (or you) could buy up more and more for nothing, what would keep them from buying up EVERYTHING?
    3. Haven’t you noticed that the regulations restricting the Fed have been loosened up every time the stock market seems ready to crash?
    4. When the economy and the market finally crashes, how possible will the counterparties be able pay their obligations?
    5. If and when they cannot pay(default), doesn’t the “collateral” go to the owner of the debt instruments(ie the Fed)?
    6. Who controls the levers to let the markets crash?
    7. Cui Bono? (Who benefits at the end of the game?)

    We all at the verge of the largest wealth robbery with the average person cheering the Fed to buy more. Please wake up!!!!!

    In case you can’t answer the questions, the answers are below.
    1. Nothing
    2. Nothing
    3. Yes, (all sorts of new 3-5 letter schemes. )
    4. Very difficult to impossible
    5. Yes. Whether it’s the property (from mortagages) or company (from bonds) they are legally transferred over upon default.
    6. The Fed.
    7. The Fed.

  10. The easy money from the Fed will continue until they feel that they have acquired enough of the country’s wealth. Then they will carefully unfold their middle finger and press the “Implode the Economy “ button. That is when the SHTF moment begins.

    With a different set of assumptions, what the Fed is doing makes perfect sense.

  11. Tunisia doesn't have the best reputation. Thanks to the show 90 Day Fiance, it's portrayed as a place where older Western women go to marry green card hungry men. It's a shame because it looks gorgeous with beautiful beaches.

  12. In regards to Taiwan I don't understand why an explicit declaration by the USA that an attack on Taiwan will for sure lead to a full nuke strike is not a simple, crude but effective policy.

    End of story, end of debate. Go ahead China destroy the world if you are so minded. MAD works.

  13. 13:49 There are climate extremists who want to crash the current industrial economy to "save the planet". Also I believe the WEF "The Great Reset" is also underway. You can read their 2030 agenda at the World Economic Forum website.

  14. Inflation is going much higher due to the worthlessness of currencies around the globe because of the unprecedented amount of counterfeiting by CB's around the world. No..No..boys ..a digital currency is just a digital fiat that's backed by nothing = NOTHING. GLD&SLV gentleman IS REAL money and has been for 5000yrs. Better own something tangible.

  15. It is not time or a place for Britain to flex its muscles, their time has gone forever, there are no Colonies that it can take advantage of, and no plenty of resources it can plunder from other Nations.

  16. As for the situation in South Africa, I will find out. We have good friends down there. By the way, with the two of you even ironing becomes fun 😉 best wishes from a terrible Germany.
    PS: RSA neighbour contry is worth living at.

  17. Apart from the avalanche of the USSR breaking up to parts thanks to the Americans who pushed for that for a long time, fearing that communism will catch up with them, and Iraq was put on inhuman sanctions, bombed few times by the esteemed Bill Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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