LIVESTREAM: Palace briefing with presidential spokesperson Harry Roque (July 29, 2021) – Replay

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  1. the earlier people & government realize that the virus is not going to go away & will remain on earth to become endemic just like the 200 other respiratory viruses circling the globe to date, the better for all of us. Start preparing to live with the virus. It will not magically disappear like SarsCov1 because the hard biology of this virus tell us it will not disappear. R0 =6 -8 is forget Herd immunity. Having said that, we should NOT be reckless along the way and throw caution to the wind. We just need to grind our way to the point that we have most of society vaccinated to just reduce the number of deaths. When we are there already , we will live with the virus. The earlier we get to that point, we can well fully open all economic activities knowing we have exhausted all our cards in our hand.

  2. To Mr. Ivan Mayrina kindly follow up the vaccination of teenagers below 18 yrs old esp those who had denvaxia years back. My granddaughter had a one dose in 2017. Is it safe for them to get a covid vaccine? Thanks if you can follow this up or make a report on this.

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