Marcos junior secures over 56% votes in Philippine elections | World News | WION

Marcus junior claimed victory in the presidential election securing almost about 56% of the votes but the country remains divided over the results. While his supporters have celebrated the results, many are absolutely dismayed and they express their shock.

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  1. Mr. WION, you are VIOLATING the HUMAN RIGHTS of the people around the world for giving us BIASED BIASED BIASED NEWS.
    Mr. WION, I reiterate ACCEPT my CHALLENGE to have DEBATE INTERVIEW between former NPA cadre Jeffrey "Ka Eric" Celiz and the Nobel Peace Laureate Rappler CEO Maria Ressa so that the people shall have clarification views concerning the things happening in our country PH.
    Mr. WION, DO it so that you will be able to force me to believe that you are for DEMOCRACY, NOT (sarcastically) DEMONcrazy.

  2. Mr. WION News, you are VIOLATING the HUMAN RIGHTS of the whole Filipino people for presenting a BIAS BIAS BIAS news. That is NOT NOT NOT democracy but (SARCASTICALLY) DEMONcrazy.
    Mr. WION News, accept my challenge by conduct to DEBATE INTERVIEW between my CRONY (we have NOT yet meet each other) former NPA cadre Jeffrey "Ka Eric" Celiz and your CRONY Nobel Peace Laureate Rappler CEO Maria Ressa so that the people of world will have clarification views concerning what is happening in my country PH.

  3. the dictator and Criminals are the AQUINO Families They ARE The Most Corrupt Peoples in the Philippines.Filipinos had Enough of corruption from the left.

  4. Marcos Sr. may have been a strong President but it is inappropriate to label him dictator. Isn't it obvious that the majority had chosen his son to be our President elect? Our history needs to be re written!

  5. Sorry WION, I'm unsubscrubing to your channel and will never watch again your videos. I thought this news channel is not a biased media. I was'nt born during the time of the late president FEM but i will never call or label him as a DICTATOR, which all media outlet always call him. FEM was a great president, if you do not like him, please remove the word dictator when you mention his name (please have your own research, history books are'nt enough and 100% reliable to use) . You all media are trying to destroy a dead man's reputation. Now i remember what the former world bank lawyer Hudes speak about who owns the majority of news media channel. I thought wion is different.

  6. I don't trust Marcos and His Allies. Its a family dynasty they are forming ever since his father become president. PH will be doomed and might ne the next Sri Lanka. Marcos manipulted everything since his loss as a vice president 6 years ago. HE MANIPULATED the history of democracy.

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