Millions without power as Hurricane Ian ravages Florida

More than 2 million are without electricity after Hurricane Ian caused widespread damage in Florida. The storm washed away roads and destroyed homes. Hundreds of people have been rescued. Kris Van Cleave has the latest.

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  1. Joe Biden (The President of the USA) should have withheld federal aid to Florida and let it fall into the sea, like Trump did to California in 2019 when he let it burn to the ground. Biden is much greater of a man than any republican could ever be. Vote Blue 2024.

  2. Hey Biden got a news flash for ya.. Truthbombs are about to hit hard.. Stop helping illegal immigrants.. And help the American people.. That is the Job.. Your Job. Get your hands dirty.. Let’s Go..

  3. We need thousands of people to help with the cleanup effort.

    Imagine if there was a way that we can get thousands of people into Florida to help with the cleanup … oh wait a minute, Governor Abbott is a good friend of Governor DeSantis perhaps fl Gov can ask Tx gov to send a couple thousand people to Florida so we can clean up our state you think Governor Abbott would be alright with that?

    It wouldn't be free labor we give the workers the equivalent of what it was that we would have given a transportation company for sending them to some other place in America.

  4. Matt Gaetz voted No for FEMA hurricane relief bill on Friday🤔. Marco Rubio backpedaling on his NO vote for hurricane Sandy relief bill in 2013. Now he’s like Give me money.

  5. everything built in florida should be bio-degradeable cause it all will be in the ocean sooner or later…the people who lived there five thousand years ago knew come modern people don't…..

  6. Can we talk about not being able to find gas? Patients needing to be admitted because their care depends on energy and in ordered for that to happen they need to have a generator that depends on gas? Hospitals being overloaded with patients and not being able to have enough nurses or health care workers

  7. This is notva once in a 500 year storm. The IPCC has warned us repeatedly that we will be having these type of storms and even once in 1000 year storms will be common and yearly.

    America ain't ready for this jelly.

  8. Keep in Mind that the corrupt insurance industry has made it impossible for many Floridians to afford insurance. What Floridians pay into the house insurance industry could cover the entire nation. Look at their greedy profits! For Allstate, the gross profit for one year was 40 some billion dollars. That’s because the rich need to be richer, and the middle class and the working poor need to suffer and pay more. There’s no end to the corruption in the insurance industry. They want you to pay pay pay big big money and then when there’s a problem they do not like to pay out. If you’re not familiar with what happened in New Orleans with the corrupt insurance companies read up!

  9. What DeSantis said is absolutely not true. What is he talking about? Does he not know what happened to the entire city of Homestead , Florida in August 1992? The entire city was wiped out. And Homestead Air Force Base that had 8000 people was nearly wiped off the map as well. Desantis should read-up, but he’s too busy with his corrupt activities of shuffling legal immigrants around.

  10. Still millions without power. So much for Desatan. All you Florida rerieees who Vote Magat, you are going to give up your SS and Medicare because those Republicans are coming to Privatize your benefits to make money off you and take away what you paid into all your life. Mark my words. If Republicans take back congress with their new Supreme Court to back them up, they will take away SS and Medicare. You have been warned! You’ll be left in the dark by a Magat congress just like your Magat gov left you tonight. He’s got electricity. That’s what matters to him

  11. Biblicl? ?! Its more like what scientists have been predicting for decades. I experienced Andrew (Cat. 5). These strong hurricanes are becoming more intnse and frequent. Even the "conservative" IPCC admits that the trend is IRREVERSABLE! We are out of time and means to slow, let alone stop, atmospheric global warming and its consequences. We are well into Earth's 8th (at least) mass extinction and it includes us.

  12. You know I really feel sorry for the people in Florida but when you have a governor like Ron DeSantis As the leader who mocks the Almighty God this is what happens not saying at saying God punishes the people of Florida but God always has the last word The hatred that The governor preaches is influenced the decisions of the Almighty you better believe it… Ron DeSantis Is a fool And he'll never get it……………….

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