Misinformation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses how misinformation spreads among immigrant diaspora communities, how little some platforms have done to stop it, and, most importantly, how to have a very good morning.

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  1. That’s not what I thought that I clearly understood, about what I overheard, someone else saying, something about, all, of most of this?) feelskinda like a setup going on either way (:

  2. They called this "yellow journalism" in the 1880s'. "Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.". Welcome to the 21st century.

  3. Anyone else remember when our parents told us "Don't believe everything you read on the internet."? But somehow 10-20 years later, everyone has forgotten that they ever said or heard it.

  4. As a Latino, I can tell you my aunts have send EVERY YEAR sometimes 4 timer a year that the sun will produce a heat in an specific day that will damage every electronics and online communications

    And they send it EVERY YEAR

  5. 14:07 All it takes is a few superficial labels and style choices to convince people that something with no real substance is actually meaningful and good. Or as it’s known in America; the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  6. I had no idea about this, like, tiered pricing internet. The idea that you can have access to "instant news" without the ability to factcheck anything is just. Wow.

  7. John Oliver is on point with this. And I know it’s got to be very confusing to outsiders, since on the face, apps like WhatsApp are just messaging apps. But because of the way they’re designed, they’ve really become more like feeds. John commented on how crazy it is to be in 2 chats of more than 20 people. But most of the older diaspora generation who frequently uses WhatsApp (or at least those I know) are on about five or six. These aren’t group chats anymore; they’re almost like private feeds. Everyone sends about ten messages a day the same way one might post on Twitter or Facebook. And you read through it like you read a feed, looking at the recent posts but obviously not bothering to look at everything everyone you followed posted. But since these are technically group chats, they can’t be regulated. Someone posting false info on Twitter to their followers is flagged; but on WhatsApp, the same message can’t be, even though it has about the same effect.

  8. I think youtube with all of its critics on creator guidelines are decently warranted, but compared to Facebook, I think disinformation happens less on YouTube.

  9. What about all the disgusting misinformation and lies about Ukraine from you people at the corporate media? Ukraine is dominated by nazis! Not a lie, not an exaggeration. They slaughtered 140000 russiam speakers in east Ukraine. And the US supports them and aided them in a coup! But to say so is to be a russian bot! This is evil! You people are pathetic! Sanction the US for all its many illegal wArs-6 million murdered. Thousands tortured! You are maniacs and encourage genocide. And i am the bad guy for pointing out what you do. Twisted!

  10. My question is where is that british wha- I mean lady's eyebrows? All I see is someone's attempt and artistically fake a pair of eyebrows.
    One recommendation for people moving to another country and not having the ability to listen to the news? How about… ya know, LEARN THE LANGUAGE of the country you've moved to!? I mean if I moved to South Korea, I'd take my time to learn god damn Korean! Or if I moved to Turkey, I'd learn some TURKISH…. is it really that strange of a concept?

  11. Tucker’s Putin Propaganda is vile, un-American & disrespectful. Our Greatest Generation fought in WWII for democracy, human dignity, and freedom from tyranny. Tucker’s kicked them aside for ratings & rubles. 👎🏼

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