NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 22nd, 2021

Serious setbacks across U.S. with Covid infections and hospitalizations, White House facing pressure on mask guidance as Covid cases rise and major websites hit by an internet outage.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:47 Covid Tipping Point
04:29 Mask Guidance
06:20 Internet Outage
07:48 Gun Violence
09:35 Lester’s Journey To The Olympics
10:50 Exclusive Interview: Japan Prime Minister

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  7. This delta variant surging rn just means the gov has failed with the reopening and letting “vaccinated” go out and about without wearing masks, they need to stop this now and slow things down cause it’s only going to get worse from here at this rate. This was a bad idea 👎🏽

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  12. Vaccines won't help the unvaccinated if their immune system is compromised to begin with a vaccinated individual may not die or be hospitalized but they can still.SPREAD it!!

  13. ANSA – BRUSSELS, JUN 29 –
    “The European Commission has announced that it has identified five "promising” treatments against Covid-19. These are therapies "that may soon be available" across the EU. Four are monoclonal antibodies currently under review in real time by the European Medicines Agency, another is an immuno-suppressor, already authorized for non-Covid patients and which could also receive the OK for Covid. The five products could receive the green light by October. By the same date, the Commission will develop a portfolio of at least 10 potential therapies ".

    I specify that various cures against Covid, without waiting for the approval of EMA, already existed also in 2020, when the "pandemic" was at its peak, but their experimentation was always rejected by the Ministry of Health and AIFA without any valid justification, presumably to allow the introduction of anticovid vaccines, whose testing could not be allowed in the presence of an effective cure.
    There is a case in which the deception is clear, as can be seen from the following comment of mine some time ago on the drug Adenosine:

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    "In consideration of an indefinable risk / benefit ratio, it is believed that, given the current availability of some therapeutic options of proven efficacy, the proposed study cannot be authorized".

    The Ministry of Health and AIFA have always affirmed that there were no effective treatments against covid and that the only solution to defeat the disease would be obtained only with the preventive use of specific vaccines, while already in June 2020, by their own admission, there were "therapeutic options of proven efficacy" for the treatment of Covid 19.
    Then one of two:
    a) The therapeutic solutions of proven efficacy were the result of a guilty lie to reject the Adenosine treatment protocol, with the necessary consequence that an experiment that could have saved many lives was in fact denied;
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    In light of the above, I would like to remind you that the use of experimental vaccines could be authorized by the FDA and AIFA only in the absence of a valid alternative for the treatment of covid 19. This also applies to other "off label" drugs, recommended by some doctors both in hospital and at home, also proven effective in the treatment of Covid and however rejected by the same health bodies in charge "

    Anyway, since I have no confidence in the EMA, it will be necessary to check in the coming days if this opening does not prove to be yet another deception.

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  15. The reason why the covid 19 is still around because y'all bring it up again and again and again trying to get stuck in our head. Talk about something else and good.

  16. Maybe we should figure out a way to vaccinate EVERYONE with air conditioning and heating systems since so many people can’t stop being idiots.

    Don’t worry, that won’t happen.

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