NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 23rd, 2021

Growing frustration from front line workers as Covid cases rise, Cleveland’s MLB team announces new name, and International Space Station astronauts reflect on Olympic unity. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
02:20 New Covid Crackdowns
05:05 Manhunt For Shooting Suspects
07:07 Cleveland MLB Name Change
08:23 Skyrocketing Home Prices
09:49 Florida Building Collapse: Salute To Search And Rescue
11:08 Inspiring America: International Space Station

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  1. I'm worried about the Tokyo Olympics.
    The WHO informed the athletes of each country that when the athletes returned home after the Olympics, they should take a precise examination of the radioactive cesium test of Fukushima ingredients and the physical condition caused by the heat of the heat.,In particular, the players who swam in Tokyo Bay dung water were sure to be tested.
    Meanwhile, Bollomberger said it would consider charging the Japanese government for damages in cooperation with the IOC if there is a problem with the health of athletes after the Olympics…

  2. Humanity!! Listen closely in what I’m going too say too you!! Turn All your interest towards JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth!!!!! The Biblical chapter of Revelations is in full effect! The Trumpets 🎺 are sounding!! Tune your eyes, and ears towards the chapter of Matthew!!!!! REPENTANCE of your SINS IS NOW & ACCEPTANCE of JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth as your Personal CHRIST & SAVIOR!!! Humanity is on the brink of no return!!! The Biblical beginning chapter of MATTHEW tells Humanity that life will get horribly worse!!

  3. "Perception is Greater than Con-ception (note the prefix 'Con', a false view of something been told repeatedly, eventually, it is accepted as truth, which is the illusion of Reality)." By Guyanist Dr R. Yates.

    Video role 3:29 the words of Xavier Beccera …"why would you want to die?".

    My MoMo or MaMa Mother's Mother when i was of the age 9, she said Son every time a politician, religious or political Minister, teacher, doctor, is speaking, always listen to what they are NOT saying.

    What Xavier Beccera, the Governor of Alabama, the Director of the CDC are NOT saying, they are those who took the COVID Vaccine or Vaccines and are also dying, and perhaps, they are the majority who are dying of the Delta Variant.

    Why the so-called main News Medias are not reporting those who took the COVID Vaccines and are dying?

    Is it only me, when i watch the NEWS Media speaking of the USA as the Greatest Nation or Country of COVID Deaths, and the majority of the Government expectation of taking only the British and American made COVID Vaccines, not the Chinese or Russian COVID Vaccines, makes you wonder, why the USA NEWS Media including the BBC are not telling us how many people are dying in China and Russia from NOT taking the COVID Vaccines?

  4. It may not be obvious to most, but as covid continues to mutate, becoming more dangerous, the vaccines cannot protect everyone. The only sure fire way to prevent catching, and spreading any virus is to "lockdown" and avoid anyone who might be sick and not know it yet. That has been true as far back as mankind has records of success against infection and started using masks to provide portable isolation from others. Unfortunately, masks are often not enough, so doctors and nurse want PPP, but it has to be changed between patients. That is a lot of PPP and the general population cannot afford to use the same solutions.

  5. Such a propaganda piece.
    Mask mandates for the vaccinated. Hilarious.
    Covid spikes while mask mandate in full swing…no report.
    Gun violence, must be the gun accessibility not the person committing the crime.

  6. So they were saying 99% of the people were unvaccinated that were hospitalized for covid but now state says they have breakthrough cases but it's okay because those people usually don't end up in the hospital which one is it I don't know what to believe anymore

  7. Why was everyone interviewed in the section about the "Indians" name change? Lol every white person on that article basically said, "I want the name to stay how it was" and that it doesn't bother them… I wonder why it doesn't bother them, hmmm.. probably same reason they didn't get someone of color to give their thoughts.


  9. she said, I don't want to jump into something without being 100% sure about it. Then goes out probably maskless without being 100% she won't catch covid and literally risk her life. Thumbs up

  10. Does vaccination prevent mutation of the virus? cause clearly we going to keep on seeing new variants which means that we're going to live with this virus moving forward until theirs a cure.

  11. Ms Cruz who is using .9 %saline created over 100 years ago to remain alive when a lactated ringer more closely resembles her bodies chemistry and is less likely to cause damage like the saline really wants to be sure about the vaccine guys.

  12. kathleen Cruz is about the stupidest person I've heard. Doesn't want to jump into something she's not a 100% sure about, while feels a 100% sure about getting Covid and making it out of that hospital.

  13. The world is a lot more dangerous when Japan is up in space without acknowledging and educating the world about their World War 2 war crimes, namely, the Pacific Holocaust. We all know that NASA was and is all about military and economic power. Thanks for making the majority of the world sick to its stomach.

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