NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 25th, 2021

Delta variant fuels surge of new cases across U.S., congressional investigation into January 6th attack, and wildfires reach more communities in the West.
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  1. My son & I just got vaccinated today.Should have done it sooner. I was scared. But I dont want to be part of the problem. So My son & I decided to stay well.Im still going to ware my Mask. And keep sanitizing & keep the distance.God bless everyone


  3. HERE SHARE THIS; Everything is a great show and a great Hypocrisy! Manipulating Cuban's feelings through politician's agendas… Sadly Cuba is just another tool for the benefit of everyone but the Cubans inside the island who are in desperate need of help to eat and fight covid-19.
    How ironic, on the other hand, the United States can spend millions of dollars to re-establish the Internet in Cuba. Will the internet fill people's stomachs? Or will it only serve the ghoulish interests of our empire? Taking advantage in a moment where all countries in the hemisphere are suffering the strike of a mortal epidemy…
    Why better yet use that taxpayers' money instead to provide food to those people in need … Of course, this is so if this country really cares about the well-being of those people in Cuba. Many people try to distort reality, and although we should condemn the totalitarian regime of Cuba and its repression, perhaps; we should ask ourselves; Is the empire of the United States innocent? Or is it also largely responsible for the pain and suffering of a country that is struggling and suffering because of our manipulations and economic suffocation?
    On the other hand, however, while the Cuban's government owes seized properties to the United States, How much more does the United States owe to those individuals or an entire country that have starved and died under our supervision for more than 50 years?
    Who will be responsible for compensatory damages to those families who have suffered all these years of blockade under our watch? While US government intimidates Americans about communism in Cuba, on the other side they do business with China, Russia and other communist countries… It is not about how much they care about people in Cuba, it is about their own interests…
    Hypocrisy! and lies!
    If there is no embargo on Cuba as some people say; So let's ask the United States Congress to remove it once and for all, Yes, because it really exists! If you did not know, there are 184 countries that have been demanding that the blockade be removed for 29 consecutive years, and our country has being acting as a true bully that ignores the demands of the world … If you do not believe that this so-called BLOCKADE exists, I invite you to see the following link … https://news.un.org/en/story/2021/06/1094612
    FOR THE PEOPLE THAT ASK WHY CUBA WON'T ACCEPT THE HELP FROM USA? THIS IS WHY; Dignity is not begged, many have exchanged their dignity for a plate of food, a roof and a car, leaving their country to live here in the United States. Listen now; If someone makes your life impossible by preventing you from getting a job, or from doing business with other without being intimidated, suffocating you and leading you to misery, making your children leave your side by blaming you for being unable to provide for them, and then come before the Press and media pretending to be a hero… offering the crumbs from his table as a great help … Would you accept it? Or would you send him to get "His Help" where the sun does not shine on him? That is to have dignity, a word that many people today do not know …
    Why do the news channels silence and hide their voices about this great truth? Why do Americans keep this issue in silent complicity, when so many countries have been demanding justice? ..
    WE NEED YOUR HELP: If you really want to do something for those Cubans INSIDE the country let everyone know about this; copy and paste this information on other websites with high number of viewers … Let's make this viral!
    Other interesting truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga6j4l7Gcgchttps://youtu.be/lDXCrrxPPcghttps://youtu.be/Mu5pWe8cQSohttps://youtu.be/6gNb5njTuyU

  4. DES in Maricopa County update your voter registry..
    One 🗳 per person per address.
    Not one ballot per evrey address ever registered under any1 person
    Vote in person always..
    I still have my extra 🗳 here in maricopa County..
    Dead ppl wer mailed ballots and they voted.. They mailed ballots to evrey registered addresses of democrats..
    the distribution of ballots..
    My extra ballot is cute

  5. A cult out of Antioch, California are attempting to undermine government and create an anarchy situation with satanism, animalism, and memes and casting themselves (the dead) into the 'wood work' to transcend into life and society with mass demonic and angelical beings converted from the damned and the dead. Possessing toys, especially life form like action figures. Most of the Earth's population has already been memed. By overwhelming the human and animal radio receiver/transmitter with excessive energy's of all or most lliving natural life forms and bodies so will not have the capacity, to access free thought intellect including self control and will power.
    The Christian churches, Islamic mosques and Jewish synagogues and their toy soldiers are by far the #1 threat to modern society. Positive consciousness from negative mindedness makes most of the difference.

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