NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 28th, 2021

Confusion over masks amid changing guidelines, President Biden expected to announce vaccine mandate, testing protocols for federal workers, and federal relief funds remain unspent with eviction moratorium set to end this week. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:40 Mask Confusion
04:18 Federal Vaccine Mandate
06:39 Rideshare Warning
08:34 Eviction Ban Ending

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  1. I still can't use my left arm where the j&j covid vaccine was injected every time I try to feels like my shoulder get dislocate and no one can tell me why is been 2 months now, if I place my arm the wrong way while I am sleeping I wake up to the worst pain takes me forever to shake that pain off. I am 60 years old and diabetic I really did not need this.

  2. Trump and Ted Cruz and many other imbeciles said as soon as November election was over Covid would disappear I guess they were wrong about everything

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  5. Science can change due to the evidence minute to minute! All these fool demagogues are pretending to be blind to the fact that the Delta variant is taking hold in the United States and people are dropping like flies and thousands are getting infected and hundreds upon hundreds are in the hospital and hundreds are intubated again and all this is happening because of a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites who refuse to accept reality and the science!
    We don't always agree with science as a matter of fact we don't believe in evolution but that doesn't change the fact that since my parents my grandparents and all my siblings and myself all had vaccinations before we started school because it was mandatory! Because of it we've practically eliminated smallpox measles mumps whooping cough and polio! But do you think these self-righteous hypocrites give a care no all they are concerned about is getting reelected and kissing the clay feet of the orange faced monster little horn idol that these people have adopted as their prophet and savior!
    Does it make any difference that he's told over 20,000 lies or that he tried to gut the executive judicial and Congressional branches of the government imposes Mafia style business practices on them and hired cabinet ministers that were bent on destroying the very agency that he hired them for or that he has continued his absolutely appalling lies that the election was stolen? No they don't care!
    God despises lies! He and Jesus and Paul and the apostles all said that no liar will enter the kingdom of heaven! Yet these people are fighting against God instead of accepting what he decided to do and what his decision was! He threw Donald Trump out of Washington DC on his ear after exposing his mafia like corruption and him trying to impose it on all three branches of government! Plus he tried to destroy all the security agencies like the CIA the FBI and the NIS so that they couldn't hold him accountable for his corruption! But do you think they care no they're trying to say the election was stolen without any proof any evidence any science or any credible witness! They actually believe that God is okay with them lying cheating stealing bearing false witness fomenting hatred and confusion and division and trying to destroy the fabric of society and the government all because they're mad at God!
    Paul said do you think it's okay for us to commit more wickedness so that God's grace may more abound!?
    God forbid! God hates sin and all these people are committing these sinful and wicked acts are going to pay for it in the end! If they don't get paid for it in this life they certainly will when they bow their knee before the throne of God and he asks them why were you lying why were you cheating why were you stealing why were you bearing false witness! And now you're climbing that Donald Trump was your prophet and your little horn goat that was going to stomp the residue of the Earth and the Democrats with his feet! I never knew him and I never knew you now you will be cast into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone for eternity!
    I tried to alert you to the truth I tried to turn you so that you would return to me but you have not therefore I will send you delusions! And you will die by the sword by the plague by the famine by fire by wild animals! You can climb to the highest mountain and you can dive into the deepest sea but I will find you and you will not escape my wrath!

  6. "Hi, I'm Lester Holt here to bring you not the news, but what other people with agendas want me to tell you! I don't care, though, because I'm one of those people with one of those agendas! Only the stupid and uneducated among you pay attention and that's how we like it – there are more dummies than there are smart and independent Adult Humans and they LOVE our daily dose of lies and manipulation! DUUUUUUUUUUUUH.".

  7. President Biden you lost your mind, all Americans cannot get vaccinated, due to the fact that that scene have killed people as well especially people who have chronological issues with their body, heart problems and whatever other problems that they have , so telling all Americans to get the vaccineit's not something you should be doing my body my life, I'm doing what I can do to protect myself but no man on this Earth and I mean no man it's.. going to tell me to take a vaccine which I'll experimented with it ain't 100%, y'all sitting up there trying to figure this out scrambling man is scrambling losing his mind the politicians getting upset which is it is it safe or is it not safe, but you know why we losing our mind because we as men powerful big bet we know what we doing, but God has put this on Earth to show us that he's in control and not you, not only have a million and some people have died from the coronavirus we are fighting a war that is unseen, it's called supernatural President Biden, just like the air we breathe we go outside and we feel the air but we can't see it, God works in the supernatural, so keep scrambling trying to figure out what to do, it's all simple but your politicians and you higher ups and the people think they got so much money don't want to do repent of your sins get down on your knees and pray everyone in the Senate from the politicians to the president to the vice president repent of your sins and turn away and put God back in our life and he will hear us until we do that as people God is not going to hear us, even if we get out of this coronavirus he's going to put something else on the Earth that's going to cause death and pain, but man think they know what they're doing y'all came out smart God, yeah I know a lot of people have died I'm still here I'm not worried the reason why I'm not worried because I'm trusting God when God put all them plates on pharaoh he turned the sea into blood he ran hellfire from the sky he bought the locust in the nets and the flies the locust ate up all the vegetarian in the land but the people of God did you hear me the people of God will still alive and prospering, so I ain't worried you might be I'm not even worried, God's going to take care of me, people out here losing their mind don't know what to do scared they going to die even if you die as a Christian and a man or woman of God that is game you go to heaven, and the only reason why people don't know that but because they're not god. God is nowhere in real life so they trying to figure it out as they go good luck with that

  8. We are never going to get out of this situation, people are behaving ignorantly. This pandemic was never over! I don't understand why they told people to take them off. Theres too many grown people kicking and screaming like babies about doing the right thing. We are headed for a dark winter again.

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