New York Reports Record 20,000+ Covid Cases

The New York Times says New Yorkers feel a “familiar anxiety” as new virus cases surge. And White House Covid response coordinator Jeffrey Zients says that vaccines work against Omicron but those who are unvaccinated are looking at a winter of “severe illness and death.” Meanwhile, Roger Stone pleads the fifth before the Jan. 6 committee.
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  1. If you have had 2 or 3 shots, I believe you will still get covid-19…the good news is then you will have actual protective immunity against this virus that won't need boosting…

  2. Israel did this earlier in the year, they had an over 80% vaccination rate and all of a sudden everyone got it again, the vaccine/boosters only work for a short time, then your immune system goes back to normal…… you are being trained to comply, it is a practice run.

  3. Instead of celebrating the end of the Plandemic (due to coming mass herd immunity, as the world recovers from the SNIFFLES), the MSNBC CRIMINAL NEWS NETWORK lauds meaningless lockdowns!

  4. If the people of these lines are sick they should just be at home not standing in line all day waiting to get tested to see if they're sick. 🙄
    If in the past everyone that sneezed and cleared their throat ran to get tested for a virus of some sort did it they might have one but we never did…🤣🤣🤣🙄

  5. its funny how NYC just trying to milk covid so bad that it makes it not bad….weve seen NY cry wolf time and time and time and time and time again…after the 47th time we dont care if the wolf eats you anymore, we got guns (the truth) we arent worried about a wolf, which for dumpokkkrats its probably just a toothless Chihuahua.

  6. That's probably 100k a day just in New York. UK estimates levels 4-5 x higher than found testing. So they're admitting ominicron is a cold??

  7. Career politicians in the White House still insist on the anti-science policies of lockdown and masking and social distancing when science has shown that evolutionary pressure will inevitably lead to ever more transmissible variants and viruses with animal hosts can never be eradicated. Emphasis from day one should've been on therapeutics to combat symptoms. The incompetence of this administration borders on criminal.

  8. 💢💢💢No es obligatorio vacunarse contra COVID. Ni siquiera necesario. Este es el fundamento de su contraindicación: la falta de indicación. Por eso hay que evitar, con reclamaciones legales, el recorte de libertad sobre la base de una medida contraindicada médicamente, sobre todo en niños.💢💢💢

    Si aún necesitamos una dosis de refuerzo después de estar completamente vacunados y aún así necesitamos obtener una prueba negativa de test después de estar completamente vacunados y aún necesitamos usar una mascarilla después de estar completamente vacunados y aún así ser hospitalizados después de haber sido completamente vacunados…
    Probablemente llegó el momento de que admitamos que nos han engañado por completo.

  10. I know this is a bit over health overload, but I wish our healthcare officials were giving us practical guidance, concerning longterm lifestyle choices that will/could make you a less likely candidate to get sick when infected. An interesting study came out a few weeks ago about what the COVID virus attacks when it enters your body.

    It attacks and feeds off your fat cells. Have you ever noticed that when you see a patient dying from COVID, that person has large fat deposits on their body- whether they have a beer gut, or thunder thighs or even a pregnancy pouch that has some fat trapped in the folds of loose skin.

    Even the slender victims are more skinny than slender. They have little if any muscle. That may also explain why seemingly healthy younger people end up sick. They may have enough excess fat to be vulnerable, but not enough excess fat to have triggered any of the obesity related health problems like diabetes or heart disease or even lung disease.

  11. NYC's absolute trash. I've been living in Queens all my life but I'm getting outta here within the next 2 years and moving to Florida, probably. And no, I'm not a liberal nor conservative – I don't vote, I'm not vaxxed and never plan to be. How's it that NY with one of the highest vaccination rates is having such a surge? Or, "surge". It's obvious they're dishing out false positives so they can jack the numbers up to justify future lockdowns. NYC has lost its marbles. Nobody has logic anymore. Most people are gentrifier hipsters. These mutants are predominantly the ones who're fueling the media-driven long lines at testing sites. I'm getting the F outta here.

  12. At this point, anyone with a clear mind should understand this is about CONTROL and they will
    Not relinquish their grip they have for anything,
    In fact, their hope is to tighten their grip and create a new system with COVID as an excuse to destroy small and independent businesses, values and freedoms once known and nurtured, and ultimately, create a government-dependent world where the elite (capstone) will ultimately have ALL control and authority.

    I know, it all sounds crazy but the truth is not always easy to hear, regardless. I felt the same way once I was able To see and hear clearly-all thanks to the Lord.

    They’ve already told you clearly that in order to ‘protect and preserve our world,’ they must approach and institute plans of depopulation and authoritarianism- for the sake of our fellow man and ‘Mother Earth.’
    What more truth do you need?

    See Communist China and thoroughly review Rockefeller Operation Lockstep for the playbook for starters.

    There is only true freedom and power in faith in Christ.
    For then, you walk in the unchanging truth and clear discernment, and abide in genuine peace and hope-despite the growing unveiling of evil and lies in this dark world.
    Turn to Christ.

  13. According to the cdc, out of 800,000+ “coronavirus related deaths” in the USA..
    81% were over the age of 65
    32% were over the age of 85
    73% were overweight or obese
    On average 2.9 additional causes of death, other than coronavirus, were provided on the death certificate
    The life expectancy is 78 in the USA
    Most people will never live to be 85
    Follow the science..
    If we wanted to talk about public health we would be talking about obesity
    Moment of silence for all the old and fat people with medical problems who have died.. so tragic

  14. Day 332 of Biden Administration. Trillions in tax payer $ spent, Covid is still out of control, more poverty, more national debt…..Trump maybe wasn't that bad after all…..Trump didn't want shut down the whole county in 2020, but he was pressured to, he was trying to work with everyone and was listing to the 'science'..but the media didn't want to report that.

  15. All anyone needs to know is that the COVID-19 infection rate, hospitalization rate, and death rate (rate means per capita, which means per 100,00 people) are all between 10 to 20 times greater for unvaccinated Americans versus vaccinated Americans.

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