Nightly News Full Broadcast – May 10

As gas prices reach another all-time record, President Biden insists inflation will be his ‘top domestic priority.’ Suspected murderer Casey White is heading back to Alabama after 11 days on the run. Russia targets Odesa as President Zelenskyy warns blockades are threatening the global food supply.

00:00 Intro
01:24 Biden: Inflation is “top domestic priority”
04:28 Sheriff: Fugitive couple planned shootout
06:44 Deadly Russian attack on port of Odesa
08:42 Mario Batali not guilty of sexual misconduct
09:04 Battle over out-of-state abortions
11:19 Musk says he’d lift Trump’s Twitter ban
11:52 Extreme fire danger in southwest
12:25 Home buyers face surging mortgage rates
14:30 Test strips for preventing overdose deaths
17:54 Ukrainian amateur photographer shares the terror and hope of the war

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  1. Dumb dumb has no legitimate excuse for his inflation.
    Monetarily inflation will not bother him in the least, Between the money from China and the Ukraine, rhe man is set.

  2. But as I was saying in 2013 Patty kovach k o v a c h she is one of the ones that owned their US Constitution of the missing children with some of them were my twin nephews some of them were my sons which were identical to my nephews she was caught telling them they could not even go to their own homes that we worked for for them to basically have a house which was condos you now own she told her family Patty did you now own these homes these condos no longer belong to me try to go castellano Capone or my twin brother John Gotti Jr or my other brother Paul castellano Jr patty patty kobach tells us and tells her family Juanita Robinson and Sarah Jane Blackburn and all her friends and family did they may go take over our homes that we are not allowed to go to our own condos that were paid off that they were patties time to let her family stay there that is what she would tell everybody but her daughter

  3. The price of gas will go down in America if American gas executives and their families were targeted by MAGAT Fox TV/Facebook followers.

    44 Americans are shot by other Americans each day so who would notice?

  4. I think God not want Joe Biden . Form the day one Biden became president so many bad things happened . He is the worst president ever in America history. He never blame for himself with his stupidity policies. He shutdown Keystone pipeline First week he in the office & depends oils & gas from enemies countries. The gas is the most hurting Hardworking American people so bad. . what's the shameful on him .

  5. Rick Scott and trump and all those nasty GOP Republicans are doing everything they can to make money and win over people who need to point a finger of blame yet at the same time they white wash the past….how fast the public forgets that TRUMP got rid of Obama's Pandemic task force in 2018 and on TRUMPS watch over 1 Million Americans…many who voted for him DIED!!!!! DO not believe the lies the Republicans are shoveling to the media. VOTE DEM. So we can help WE THE PEOPLE.

  6. An analysis of reports from Mossad sources revealed that many people questioned the sanity of Germany and Austria as they courted the al-Qaeda leader for the past 30 years.
    They paid money to the murderers and rapists of their grandparents.
    They did not respect the members of their families who suffered from international crimes. They invited international criminals to their place and applauded them. On their instructions, international crimes were committed in Germany and Austria.
    They did not want to remember the heroes, defenders who fought for Germany, Austria and other developed countries.
    They finance foreign army and all their international crimes. They are the customers of all international crimes.
    For the last 30 years, Germany and Austria have let tens of millions of terrorists and international criminals into their countries on forged documents under the guise of Germans.
    Donald Trump was right in one thing, that it is necessary to immediately withdraw his troops from these countries.
    After that, on the orders of the leader of Al-Qaeda, the clinically mentally ill Germans would again be in the hands of the Nazis, the terrorists. There is no doubt about this.

  7. Listen to the 911 tape. There are two shots. Where is the other bullet? Also, as the sheriffs were ramming the car, the gun went off accidentally and she shot herself. But that still doesn't explain the two shots.

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