Nightly News Full Broadcast – May 12

The White House is facing pressure as the baby formula shortage worsens, firefighters are making progress on an explosive Southern California fire, and Russia vows retaliatory steps after Finland moves to join NATO.

00:00 Intro
01:24 Baby formula shortage worsens nationwide
04:59 Wildfire destroys homes in California
07:46 Extreme fire danger and severe storm threat
08:25 U.S. marks 1 million Covid deaths
08:46 Jan. 6 panels subpoenas GOP lawmakers
09:43 Finland leaders back NATO membership
11:43 Record border surge ahead of Title 42 ruling
14:21 HBCU team bus search sparks backlash
16:22 Feds crack down on crypto theft
19:21 First image captured of black hole at center of Milky Way

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