North Korea: A decade of purges, nukes and international sanctions | DW News

A decade of purges, nukes and international sanctions: This week marks 10 years since North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un became the third generation of his family to rule over the impoverished communist country.


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  1. U really think NK was even remotely going to be OK closing themselves off?? They dont do barely any national trade??? Really…. You believe this??…. Wow… Now we know.. As of December 2021 there is extreme starvation… Turns out…. They import 89.6% of the food in North there. Canabaisim and
    Malnutrition are rampant!! Its devestating!!!1. I guesss they would rather definetly die slowly of starvation then possibly catch a covid ?? Errrr..

  2. That's how it is very communism. It starts with a revolution for the people but quickly becomes corrupted.

    Look at Venuezela… Maduro is kept safe with Cuban army. Look at Cuba, who you thinks owns all the hotels that foreigners visit?. Yes there is foreign investors but who is the partner… politicians that run those country. Castro's family….

    You think Kim is starving in North Korean?. Nope…he has all while his people starve

  3. is not close off because he rule it is closed off so to sanction by usa and force by other pressure by US to keep north korean to outside world..

  4. The North Koreans fought valiantly in a bloody war and remember the atrocities of Imperial Japan and US imperialism. This is a history that Americans nor South Koreans of today know but North Koreans do and this is why they want to keep the memory of their forefathers alive.

  5. They kidnapped American national David Louis Sneddon . They are holding him hostage along with hundreds of other foreign nationals they kidnapped. Why won’t they release them?

  6. What never ceases to amaze me is how and where did the South Koreans ever get the notion that the US has any interest in Korean reunification? It should be clear to anyone that has actually looked at the various factors and interests surrounding the whole issue that neither the US nor China have any interest in it. First of all it's hilarious that South Koreans believe that the country (the US, and Russia) that divided the Korean peninsula in the first place without any consent from Koreans is going to be the one that brings it back together. But most importantly is that Korean reunification would entail the removal of the American military presence on the Korean peninsula. This is a well known fact as it is the only way to get China and Russia's consent as they will never accept any situation whereby the US (a country very hostile to both of them) can place military bases and weapons systems on their borders. Which the US can do without the consent of the South Korean government under the terms of their defence agreement. And even without China and Russia's consent Korea when then be stuck with a forever antagonistic relationship with it's neighbours if it allowed US military bases and weapons systems on their borders. Now why would the US give up a vassal state like South Korea who spends billions buying their weapons and gives them a strategic geopolitical position in East Asia? And why would China give up North Korea as their vassal state which acts as a buffer state for them between the US and it's vassal states?

  7. Unfair oppressions of neocolonialist will lead so many other country to dictators then 3rd world war after that we will see what western can do with their money and media and chauvinist leaders who don't care about the life's of the poor in poor country

  8. What is futures of Northern Korea peoples ? when USSR economic power, technological abilities was failed in its competition against USA🇺🇸 Through collapse of it's economy & it's separate to independent nations….same fate is waiting for Northern Korea peoples with more tragedy 😢…totalitarian communist regimes are not feelings their responsibilities to ward's their peoples…what means final victory…invading USA 😁😁😁

  9. He is not going to open his mouth and utter one single word for the next 10 days and so shall his people… Not answer him any damn word for the next 10 days… Perfect pindrop silence!!!

  10. The military chief was most probably providing classified intel to Rabbi sam. He deserved it. The half brother was probably planning a coup with the help of rabbi sam and allies so he could be installed as a dictator just like the Shah of Iran and the north could become a colony of us just like South and Japan. Enemy at the doorstep for Russia and China . Don't believe Western msm all they do is lie. Its in their nature.

  11. You thought the USA was crazy because of the amount of money we spend on the Military is insane but at least we don't spend ALL of our money on the military's weapons and gear, unlike North Korea where they spend their entire budget on Military Hardware, all while letting their people starve to death and fight over little amounts of food.

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