NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson – Apr. 5 | NBC News NOW

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a speech to the U.N. Security Council sharing what he witnessed firsthand in Bucha, billions of Covid-19 relief money has been lost to fraud, and a Chicago woman who documented her journey fleeing Ukraine joins the show to share her story.

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  1. Thanks for all supporter from around the world to Ukraine . May God Bless You All . We love you all . 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩❤❤❤👍👍👍🤟🤟🤟

  2. As soon as Ukraine liberates Mariupol, there will be more than 100,000 corpses of Ukrainian citizens there. since they bombed the Russian fascists and did not allow people to leave for 1 month. many in the basements are dying of hunger and thirst for water; there is no food, no medicine, and no access to people. and houses are bombed and under the houses there are corpses. we don't even have tears we all cried!!! NATO help.
    Now in Russia, Putin has begun mobilization without announcement to call on the service of the armies of Russia. Now he promises everyone millions and even on the territories of Ukraine everything that you steal, take by force, all yours, and leave no one alive. there should be no witnesses. and do what you want with women. to carry out terror throughout Ukraine!
    but I'm afraid that according to the information that the Russian Federation has, soldiers collect the corpses of Ukrainians in a heap and want to burn them so that no one can find them !!

  3. Its too bad they dont have video cameras all over the streets like they do in NYC and other places. It would be easier to catch those animals that have killed all those people. I wish more military people from other countries would go to Ukraine and help fight the Russians.

  4. The film made by NATO and Ukraine.. NATO as the director. the president of Ukraine as the actor of the Azov regiment as the star. The perpetrator of the murder is AZOV JEWISH.

  5. God Be The Glory.
    Mathew 24 speaks of war and rumors of war. Jesus promise that this generation will certainly
    not pass away until all these things happen. Bible was the first to tell us about things to come.
    When people speak and say Death to America. American say this is a terrorist threat that we
    must deal with. The bible told us of death to come because of our sin. SO, are people
    calling God a terrorist? Who are we fighting?
    I myself, and my household we worship God the son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. not men.
    we need to step away from everyone else, just like it was in the day of Noah so it shall be.
    Imagine. the next time we all look out the window or while out side all the sudden we become
    frightful because we see someone in the cloud not in a flying car, airplane, balloon just on a
    cloud….? who you going to call? the cops. lol lol

  6. Stop feeding the United States citizen all this bullcrap come on USA don't be stupid don't just lick your to what this news say can't you see in here there's just one side

  7. It's war and y'all talking about valet dancers come on really I don't have to get down mind people dying come on they went to court against Russian and Putin wasn't having none of this back door just like to United States won't let Mexico do what they want their back door well puts the same way

  8. Apprehend and arrest putin! Bottom line, This is what the international court must do in order to stop all the insanity of putin's delusional genocide war!

    He's one powerless man that no one needs to fear. United we stop the aggression just as Zelenskyy beautifully said. Listen to him!

  9. Do they not know any other names???? Olga, Oksana, and Olga. Oh yeah, and Olga.
    And then there's Vladomyr, Volodymyr, Vladimir and Vlad. Both leaders are Vlad, the first Ukrainian President was also named Vladimir the Great! Proclaimed by Prince Oleg. The male version of Olga!

  10. People who say they don’t know how to help are making excuses. FFS we know you all have internet! St Jude has a hospital in Poland which is helping evacuee kids for free. LMGTFY

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