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Russia claims it has begun a new phase of its invasion, masks on U.S. transportation are mostly optional after a judge’s ruling, and a closer look at what it’s like to work on the trains that have been evacuating millions of Ukrainians to safety.

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  1. I think the attendant for that drop ride was not doing anything wrong. I think he saw that the boy was very big and did not want to give him the terrible news that he wouldn't fit on the ride. So, although what he did was stupid. I think he did it to allow the kid to ride, not thinking that all of this would happen. I don't believe there is any malice. I just believe whoever was running the ride knew that kid could not fit on the ride the way it was set up…. So, he loosened the restraints.
    ** And before I get a ton of hate comments. I'm not talking s*** about the boys size/weight. It is awful what happened to him. My deepest condolences to his family. I'm just stating how I think this all went down. And I don't think the ride attendant loosened anything trying to hurt anyone. Actually, I think it was the exact opposite. I think he was trying to not hurt the boy's feelings and let him ride the ride. Since he had been turned away from several other rides that day.

  2. America is to be sat down first of all the nations. Isolated with no friends among the nations. She is a "protected area" that Allah says He will isolate and destroy before moving to other world governments. Ezekial's wheel(Mothership)with 1500 bombing planes nolonger above top secret.

  3. The US gov is using Ukraine to break down Russia. We should have stopped this war. Instead we give Ukraine weapons and stand on the sideline instigating. We the American citizens have our own troubles at home, major troubles! The Biden administration is flooding our country with God only knows who?? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ We will pay dearly, mark my words!!!

  4. They can spend so much money to assist another Country, but fail to provide assistance for their own citizens. The bible calls them being infidels. Don't get me wrong and I'm no politician nor untangle myself in politics, but a lot of the citizen of Texas for one has suffered and are still suffering and effected by the not just one pandemic COVID-19, but 3 maybe 4 following the initial corona virus. I sympathize with the situation in Ukraine, but when I hear of all the millions maybe trillions of dollars sent provide Ephesians 5:11 (KJV) And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, butEphesians 5:11 (KJV) And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. rather reprove them.for military aide to relief and aid to Ukraine. I pray for the Ukraine, and last but not less, I pray for the people of Houston, Texas, not only has the.pandemic increase the prices, the War has worsened prices even more. Very concerned citizen, born and raise in USA.

  5. Mask are NOT to protect others from others but to protect the one wearing a Mask. Mask are made to protect You Alone and if it is not a N95 Mask then you you may as well go without a mask.

  6. Those that want to protect themselves then they can wear a Mask and for those that feel safe then they shouldn't be forced to wear a Mask. Mask should be a Choice.

  7. We've had no corona rules for months in denmark now, all is more than fine… the country is up and running like 2019… all good. Have fun getting back to normal! It's not that bad! 😉


  9. Operation High Jump(1946-1947) Admiral bird and the U.S navy go to Antarctica which is the ice border, that surrounds the earth that is connected to the dome. He hits the dome, and it was to high for him to get over.

    V2 Rocket(1947) U.S lies about launching fruit flies into space from a missile launch site in white sands New Mexico. They said that the fruit flies died during reentry.

    V2 Rocket(1948) U.S lies about launching a monkey into space. They said that the monkey died during reentry.

    Operation Deep Freeze(1955-1956) Admiral Bird and the U.S navy go back to Antarctica which is the ice border, that surrounds the earth that is connected to the dome. He goes back to the dome and it was to low for him to get under.

    Sputnik satellite(1957) Russia lies about sending the first satellite into space. They said that they lost contact.

    Sputnik 2(1957) Russia lies about sending a dog into space in a satellite. They said that the dog died during reentry.

    Admiral Bird is killed on (March 11,1957). He has seen and knows to much.

    NASA is formed(1958) NASA in Hebrew means to deceive.

    Explorer 1(1958) U.S lies about sending a satellite into space. They said that they lost contact.

    Explorer 2(1958) U.S launches a satellite, falls into the Atlantic Ocean.

    Explorer 3(1958) U.S lies about sending their second satellite into space. They said that they lost contact.

    Explorer 4(1958) U.S lies about sending their third satellite into space. They said that they lost contact.

    Explorer 5(1958) U.S satellite explodes on launch pad.

    Explorer 6(1959) U.S lies about sending their fourth satellite into space. They said that they lost contact.

    Antarctica treaty is signed(1959) Signed by 12 countries including the U.S., that bans every citizen worldwide from going to Antartica which is the ice border that is connected to the dome, without their permission.

    Antarctica Treaty(1961) Goes into effect.

    Vostok 1(1961) Russia lies about putting first man into space.

    Freedom 7(1961) U.S lies about putting man into space.

    Operation Dominic and Operation Fishbowl(1962) The U.S navy shoots nuclear missiles from the Pacific Ocean directly up at the dome, to see if they could break through it and they could not. Dominic in greek means of the Lord.

    John F. Kennedy(1961) Tells U.S congress that he wants to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade, which is 1970.

    John F. Kennedy(1962) Publicly says, U.S will put a man on the moon before the end of the decade which is 1970.

    John F. Kennedy(1963) Told the truth about the dome and tries to expose it to the public during a speech at American University in which he stated mankind is doomed, we are gripped by forces we can not control, are problems are man made, man can be as big as he wants, no problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.

    John F. Kennedy(1963) Killed by being shot in the head.

    Apollo 11(1969) U.S lies about landing on the moon. Moon landing is filmed at a military base, in the Nevada desert, by film director Stanley Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick also directed 2001 space odessy in 1968, that movie was the reason why he was selected to direct the moon landing film. In the Bible, apollo is referred to as apollyn, the angel of the bottomless pit, which is the devil. In greek, apollo means destroyer.

    Stanley Kubrick(1999) Gives a interview that is under the agreed circumstances of not being released until 15 years after his death. During this interview, he admits he was the director of the moon landing movie and that the moon landing was shot in a studio. He dies three days later after the interview

  10. how can one person/one country can sacrifice tens of thousand of people sending them to death and world watching? People are dying like sardines for what? This is 2022 and not 1939 – 1945

  11. According to the officer of Nato that are interviewed, they agree in one thing: Ukraine needs more help, but in reality are the European community contributing with sufficient help and material support: NO. NATO is hiding behind the Nuclear Menace, but in reality Russia cannot make a nuclear attack in such a proximity of Moscow and Saint Petersburg former Stalingrad, among other important Russians cities surrounding Ukraine, included his major buddy Belarus. So the mere fact that in practice Russia cannot and will not use nuclear power, demonstrate that Putin is just barking, and that is producing the right effect: keeping Europe and NATO scared of a war, that already started and is not going to stop, unless the powers that may, get the necessary set of "coj….nes" and push Russians out of Ukraine with the necessary force. Stop doing Politics with Human Life!!!!

  12. MedMen now offering Trademark Franchising with Tilray backing! Marijuana and Marijuana stocks will increase in value because people will buy more Marijuana because of wartime stress. Buy..stock.MMNFF.

  13. that china, north korea, & iran ain't going to back russia
    USA will daddy for Ukraine & our prices will still rise here
    just like Kuwait war did to the value of our dollar on world market and home market.

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