NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson – April 27 | NBC News NOW

Dr. Anthony Fauci claims America’s relationship with the Covid-19 virus has changed, the publisher of the video game “Grand Theft Auto Five” is addressing harmful stereotypes from the original game, and a Republican congresswoman who is pushing to legalize marijuana nationwide joins the show.

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  1. I just like how it's more contagious than it's ever been, resistant to the jab, face masks are unused, quarantine lowered purely for the airlines, "stop working remotely" from Biden to avoid the corporate real estate bubble from bursting, a week prior fauci was proclaiming to remask public transit, but now we're cool. 😎 🆒

  2. Legalizing cannabis won't do anything. You have to first address the issue of over-taxation. Instead, federal legalization will just add a fed tax on top of a state tax, local tax, and excise tax. Once everything is said and done, youll see a 40٪ increase in price before the business owner even attempts to add for profits. There's no question why the black market is still thriving where its been legalized.

  3. As long as Chinese Communist party is in existence there will always be deadly viruses changing and mutating targeting the West more so The US… China considers the United States its number #1 threat/enemy.. Listen and watch what the epoch Tmes has been shouting from the top of its lungs about what goes on past and present in China while it's building burns around them ( Courtesy of Chinese agents) for speaking the truth.. Unfortunately my country with its Woke corrupt government the US is more concerned about what we call it "the Chinese virus" then where it's coming from and why…

  4. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , it does improve mental health until the dispensaries might have shortages . Good that the vaccines have efficacy after all that research also. GTA guess you would have to know the NPC's to be offended or have an opinion about none existence.


    Covid deaths: US 1,019,774 China 4,923.

    Population: US 333 million China 1.4 billion.



    Covid deaths: US 1,019,774 – UK 174,448 – Canada 39,007 – Australia 7,165 – China 4,923 – New Zealand 723 = 793,508.

    American parents protest at school meetings about? A: 188 school shootings in 10 years B: Masks.

  7. I know it's not very popular but I thank him for the work that he has done and saving lives in our country star no vaccine that are a hundred percent It's a combination of medicine medical Behavior

  8. The west makes up 12% of the world's population. The rest of the 88% will move along whatever the west decide.
    The EU and America is run by a bunch of ideologues. If they are willing to pay 5 times or more for energy compared to buying it from Russia, then good luck to them.
    Dollar for dollar, there's no substitute for piped gas. You build the pipe, you extract the gas, and you're ready to go.
    It's also greener. There's no additional energy required to compress them, ship them across half the world, and expand additional energy to decompress them at the destination. You also need to build large numbers of terminal for storage. Whereas for piped gas, everything is just in time.

    While the west gets bogged down with their own ideology, the rest of the world is wringing their hands planning how they can outcompete the west with cheaper energy.

  9. My fellow Americans, for our freedom never wear a mask, never get tested, never go to the injection centers to poison your body. Do not put your trust in the science of Fauci, Do not put your trust in the science of that which is in the needle.Do no put your trust in the CDC, FDA, Big Pharma, Bill Gates.Do not put your trust in the corrupt government of the USA.Do not comply, do not consent for our freedom.

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