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The Biden administration is warning that Kyiv could fall quickly, men ages 18-60 are prohibited from leaving Ukraine as they must stay behind to help fight, NATO has activated part of its response forces and the UN Security Council voted on a resolution to condemn Russia’s invasion. 

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  1. Zelensky's authorities in Ukraine have their hands up to the elbows in blood, thousands of lives of children and residents of Donbass are on their conscience!!! Wake up, people!!!!

  2. China India and United Arab sustained makes you wonder who's on what side. When they will need us

  3. Double Standard….When Americans and Israelis and Europeans bombing and attacking and invading poor defenseless countries. No one can send weapons or support these defenseless countries and these big bullies don't get sanctioned but when it comes to Russia it's the opposite. None white race is cheap in this world I suppose (Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iraq) Racist and double standard don't you NOTICE

  4. For the tactics of the Russian army's long-distance attack, the Ukrainian army should use the squad and platoon as a unit, adopt the guerrilla tactics of hit and run, take civilian cars, bring Javelin missiles and stinger missiles, and guerrilla along the road to block and destroy the Russian army. In this way, the Russian army is consumed all the way, and the need to defend the road line along the way will greatly reduce the strength of the troops when they reach the destination, and will also delay the arrival time.

  5. That the Ukraine incident is no longer a matter of one country. Germany and France are still appeasement. Hitler will be devoured one by one. Each country thinks it has nothing to do with itself. In the end, it will lead to World War II. Afghanistan, North Korea, Taiwan, if these places start like Ukraine, the entire international community will collapse, democratic and free countries are still calculating their interests and making concessions and appeasement, and there will still be three wars in the end. Can you stay out of it? If you don't stand up to the communist forces, the whole world will be devoured. The war must be stopped by issuing a warning to commercial enterprises, directly causing heavy losses to these interest groups, and encircling the dictatorial communist state with nuclear weapons. And this time has to be planned in advance, just like the fight against the covid virus.

  6. Imagine a crazy old man the lived next door just broke into your house , 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ Putin is a murderer and a crook

  7. So, where are the Latinos and Asians in the Supreme court…if you really want to reflect true USA??? Guess we aren't worthy…

  8. The human aura energy field which is comprised of electro-magnetic emotion, thought, and other human aura energy particles is transmitted from electronic telepathy transmitters in use by the former Australian Federal Police Covert Operatives located in the 3 residential buildings I have been documenting on Facebook. Since that time those in possession of the A.F.P Covert Operations technology have been weaponising this discovery by continuously re-engineering the aura energy transmission effect for maximum effectiveness as an energy weapon capable of greatly intensifying the human targets emotional and mental states by maximising the use of various factors which includes the location of nearby conspiracy participants in heightened mental and emotional states and high ampage fusebox fuses. The weaponised use of magnified aura energy transmissions has been consistently used on myself for a lengthy period of time that I have been targeted by current and now former Australian Federal Police Covert operatives in what began and continues as an unfounded case that is based on conspirators scapegoating. At times, my behaviour and the speech peculiarities of my voice are tell-tale signs of the magnified auric energy transmissions being transmitted to myself by transmitter(s) in close proximity. Jewish John controls the auric energy particle base transmitter and computer control system from an apartment located at 7-11 Henderson Street Bondi NSW Australia. His base transmitter is small, bronze in colour and roughly mushroom-shaped in appearance. It is said to be glued to his desk with a cover over it as directed by the prime technology controller and pornographer Jonathan who is a former Australian Federal Police senior operative from Blacktown that was certified as deceased due to corruption involving former Police Minister David Elliott, a registered doctor and Long Bay Correctional Centre where he was serving a 10 year prison sentence for conspiracy to murder. It is consistently verified that unit 5 located directly beneath my apartment contains each of every technology in the bedroom. The location of these technologies is so due to the powerful effectiveness of close proximity. The presence of 2 updated large transmitters which are wide-build and low in height continue to be operated remotely via an internet connection in the bedroom.

    scapegoat.robert.russo is my sole personal Facebook account.

  9. Stand and Fight> Stalin has come back to life, Putin's dream come true will fail. We MUST support the removal of Putin's troops.

  10. Stand and fight president of Ukraine 🇺🇦 you have gained my respect may God be with you and your people 💯

  11. There are many eulogies of the Ukrainian army, it does not know how to fight as it was in the WWII for the Germans, their broken equipment in pixel camouflage is shown on the frames

  12. If it was Putin being invaded he would be hiding in a bunker and running like his booty buddy trumpski💯💯💯

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