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Minneapolis police releases bodycam footage showing the deadly shooting of a Black by a member of their SWAT team, South Dakota becomes the first state this year to ban transgender athletes from competing in school sports consistent with their gender identity, and the family of Laquan McDonald is furious that former Chicago policeman who killed McDonald got out of prison early. 
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  1. What Floor was the Apartment on, and How Many Exits did the apartment have? It Really Doesn't Require Critical Thinking Skills to See the Many Tactics the Officers could have, and Trained to Utilize. History have shown those who Support this type of Policing, Will Soon live under the thumb of a Regime.

  2. The Caste System founded on Genocide and Slavery which has yet to be reconciled.
    1st Nations Indigenous people and POC are not the problem. IMHO

  3. That young man has a right to have his gun. And the officer who shot the innocent man, the wrong man should go to prison. Sending roided up mpd officers into a apartment guns blazing…. So idiotic

  4. I know it's terrible he has lost his life but what do they expect the police to do. Just stand there and get shot. Too many guns in America. Police join the service to protect people so if they think their life is in danger they have a right to shoot. If they start prosecuting the police much more. No one will join. Then you will have anarcky on the streets. Gangs running the streets by the very people who commit crimes.

  5. was that his apartment? did he live there? where is the proof that he legally obtained that firearm? also in the state of texas you are renting an apt you do not own it. the owner can come in any time they want. its not a good business practice but they have the legal right to come inside. if you have to sleep by a gun an apt is not a good choice to reside.

  6. The Jew as a Race & The Jewish Religion are two different things – The American Jew is mostly a religion – You can be Black, Latino or Asian & be Jew in the religion – A real Jew is from Jerusalem or at least Israel – Check the begats in the Bible to see how close to Abraham you are & not to Ishmael !

  7. It’s always a sad thing for someone to die. And under the circumstances of what is shown in the video. There were a lot more police and only one person in the apartment that they show. This person was told as the police were coming in the door,.. POLICE,.NO KNOCK WARRANT” They were announcing themselves over and over again. The young man was obviously sleeping. But he had a gun with him under the covers. Apparently; He pulled his covers back and there was the gun pointing at the police. They shot so as not to be shot at. It is like a chain reaction.

    If the young 22-year-old man had not had a gun in his hand they would’ve not shot him, because they would’ve had no reason to shoot him. So it’s not the police‘s fault. It is the young man’s fault for having the gun in his hand and aiming it at the police.

    Everybody’s up on their high horse ready to put the police down again. But it is the police that saves our neck constantly when there are criminals on the street, and those criminals try to invade our lives. Possibly invading our lives on the street, in businesses, and sometimes trying to push their way into our private homes. But the reality is the world is becoming much much more dangerous. And no one is safe!!😫🥺😶‍🌫️

  8. I feel very unsafe knowing militarized militias calling themselves police can break into ANY innocent taxpayers home, anywhere, at any time, for any reason or no reason, and murder the resident. Additionally, we are forced to finance it.

  9. Looks like a home invasion and execution. Also gun looks like a Nintendo zapper..not real firearm.
    Officer is a murderer. And the judge that issued warrant is also responsible.
    His finger doesn't even appear to be on the trigger!

  10. Hello everybody, the socialism is arriving and all care is few to avoid this because we don´t want to be slaves, we don´t want to be ban about free speech, we don't want to be dominated by dictators, we want yes to have opportunities to get good jobs, we wants to have opportunity to study, we believe in the meritocracy, we believe that should to have jobs for all people. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are imposing this awful ideology because both believe that can give fot them the power and continue dominate all idiotic people that believe them. 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  11. You guys don't care about the people in Myanmar and yet you care about the Uyghurs in Xinjiang??!! A lot of youtubers went to Xinjiang and talked to the people on the ground there. It is absolutely disgusting how NBC News is painting China to be the villain yet again. CLEAN YOUR OWN HOUSE FIRST!!! Look at your millions of homeless Americans and ask where are their human rights?! Why don't you start with that hmm? What about black reparations? Do you not see the black people from the impoverished hoods are suffering??!! The Chinese people must be happy with their government or else how do you explain there isn't any Chinese refugees? Why don't 1.4 billions of people start a revolution like the people in Myanmar?! STOP YOUR PROPAGANDA NBC NEWS!!!!

  12. Another Reporter giving misleading information. This guy was not mentioned in any Warrant. The resident was not his, no criminal record and was licensed to carry.

    The Warrant was for PROPERTY and not a human being.

    Another State Sanctioned Murder covered up.

  13. Wtf.. no nock huh what.. so you cops want to die.. this will not fly.. guess you better sighn up for life insurance. more cops will die to this no nock bs..

  14. Here we go again. Killed for BLACK WITH A PHONE or SUBWAY SANDWICH or JAY WALKING.

    1964 – A change is gonna come – Sam Cooke. 1965 – Color of Man’s Skin 4:416:15 – Billy Graham.

    2017 – Very fine people, on both sides. – LOSER Trump. 2020 – George Floyd and BLM protests.

    The World must hold the US accountable for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.

  15. You Must
    Sue the City to make them hurt and pay for their ignorance otherwise they will Never learn !
    God Bless Amir RIP 🙏

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