NOW Tonight With Joshua Johnson – March 16 | NBC News NOW

The Ukrainian President delivers an emotional plea to the U.S. Congress as Zelenskyy has been making rounds with foreign governments asking for more support to stop Russia’s invasion, two British citizens are home after years of captivity in Iran and the Federal Reserve raises interest rates for the first time since 2018. 
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  1. He’s pressing everyone until he’s pressed back and knows it this will continue. Russia is on the road doing dirt to others return this favor but watch for the next play he’s prepared for most you’ve got to deliver already . He has misled for a purpose likely what this is suppose to do what else are they for and by the way there is no rules in war really ! Got that Don’t you look at what’s happening.

  2. Very smart interviews from Joshua, like that good job man ! Keep it up !! Chris Cuomo is gone, you're as good if not better !

  3. Why don't you Joshua put up a survey with a single question, like should we let Russia continue the war and see what happens ? Thanks

  4. Zilensky, your speech towards Vancouver and Canada and elsewhere really touched me , I can imagine it, I think about it all the time Everytime I look at my tv about another war that's happening in another place another country and it scares me even just watching what's going on in your home land and yes if I was in your place I'd be asking the same things for help and when I hear that Biden is not willing to help you with the no flyzone over your sky's is not right cause everyone is getting the picture of what's happening with your home in Ukraine. It's being heard loud and clear through my ears but bidens ears seem like he's scared of Putin some people have to be pushed back even if that means hitting the other country back to show that everyone means business and that were not scared of him!!! I'm so sorry that he's not 100/ listening to the fact that people your people of Ukraine are dying families are being displaced husband's are giving there lives for there county and others as well and bidens turning a deaf ear and a blind eye towards your plight as to how the people are suffering and that goes for the children the old people the babies!!! If you think he's not listening to your words I definitely am listening to your words,every time I turn on my phone my tv, I hear you I understand exactly what it is that you are saying what your trying to have people picture in there minds there actual thoughts of how they would feel right about where you are right now they don't know what it's like to feel when a bomb hits the ground near your house near your neighborhood!! I can picture it I can understand what and how people would feel. So please understand that I'm getting exactly what you mean and are saying and feeling even if I'm not there I 100/ get it and get it all!!!! I'm just as frustrated as you are cause it's seems to be going slowly from there side.?? Especially with the reaction time. So please understand I'm praying for your land your people and the way the way the war is going and hoping it will end for your people and homeland!! God bless you your a very courageous person and a very strong man and I mean it your more of a man than Biden or Putin!!! Your the best president of of your country and for your people so don't be disheartened by the slow going I'm sure it will pick up to getting what needs to be done. I'm proud of what You've done &said so far,your a brilliant person and president!!! 🍁🇨🇦🍁✝️🛐♾️💟🌹🕊️🌹💯😇💯💐


  6. They don't care about you just like they don't care about their own people. Big business and government in bed together. Not good for anyone but THEIR pockets!!!!!!!

  7. We fear that a direct confrontation with Russia would lead to WW3. In 1939, we avoided confronting Germany in Poland, because we feared it would lead to WW2. That failure to confront Germany early on lead to WW2. We have the strongest ally on the ground in Ukraine than we have had since before Korea in the 50s. If Ukraine falls, and Russia decides to push further (Finland, Moldova, and then Sweden) do not expect those citizens to fight Russia. Not because they are less courageous than Ukraine, but because they see the abandonment of NATO. Ukraine is losing thousands of folks to death and injury. They are losing cites to destruction. I support a no fly zone. It is risky. It is also risky to not allow a no fly zone.

  8. The Scarred Children of the War

    Any war is horrific, but a war that involves civilian casualties is many times more so. Of these civilians, children are the most vulnerable. The war in Ukraine will scar its children and change them forever. Still, I believe that it will plant in them the conviction that war brings nothing good, and there is no way to justify the harm and pain that it inflicts.

    In the past, wars meant occupation, plundering of possessions, and enslavement of the captive. Today conquering another country has no benefits. What will you do once you have conquered the capital? You will have to rebuild it after having ruined it yourself.

    The advancement of technology and international commerce and industry have made war irrelevant as a means of obtaining supplies and wealth. Today, war is simply redundant, and I believe that today’s children sense this very deeply through their parents and through everything that they themselves are experiencing. The blasts, the blood, and the corpses on the street, the biting cold, the fear, and the uncertainty are injuring their souls, and they will pass the scars they carry on to their children and their children’s children.

    Even children who are not under an immediate threat of rockets and bombs are sensing what is happening. Humanity is a single body; when organs in that body fight against each other, the whole body suffers, and the whole body learns the lessons. Therefore, I hope the lessons that the children of the war are learning through pain will sink into the consciousness of all of humanity, and everyone, around the world, will understand and feel the futility of war.

    The next generation will feel that instead of fighting, they would be better off complementing each other's needs by trading. They will know that only through cooperation can they succeed in this world.

    The insights that today’s children are gaining are priceless. My only regret is that they are gaining them through pain. I wish that we could teach them this through simple education, but life has chosen a different mode of teaching for them.

    Still, if we can understand what reality is teaching us—that brute force no longer leads to victory, but rather collaboration and mutual complementation—without experiencing brute force firsthand, it will help us transition to a new state of mind where war is not part of the paradigm. It will help us, and it will help our children even more.

  9. Biden is making himself a new name Balls Biden! Nothing has Stop Russia yet and what does the worlds leader do? We all know that if you keep doing the same thing you keep getting the same results. Diplomacy has hurt the world not just Russia and what are the people paying for if Russia does take over Ukraine they will capture everything we have sent to Ukraine. Incompetent leaders is all see! What is war crimes if no one has the balls to kick down Russia’s door and bring Putin to justice!

  10. Im ashamed to be from the west. Putin understands strength, lets show him what we can do. Send in the boys!!!

  11. "Call on the Lord in the day of trouble
    and He will deliver you."
               Psalm 50 : 15

  12. Too bad the native Americans weren’t better armed when we showed up on their shores. Had they been the shame America has become wouldn’t have happened. America was founded on genocide why would you expect America to act on genocide unless it directly affects the conglomerate of corporations that make up the military industrial complex? I have come to expect very little from our government. We treat politics like team sports and do not vote in our own self interest it’s is the American people who have fallen asleep and allowed lesser men hold positions of great responsibility. We the people have failed ourselves. Quit blaming others and take a look in the mirror to find where this nations problems lie. When good people do nothing they are effectively as bad as the corrupt people causing all this damage around the world. Sending them weapons only slows down the inevitable and extends the suffering. They need direct assistance or none at all. Our metteling always makes things worse unless we are all in. WW2 was one of the only things America did that was good but we turned a blind eye to the military machine we created. It’s now a monster responsible for mass murder. When is the last time it did something good for humanity?

  13. hello from germany. i can tell what russias interests are – but what the usa got from all those spendings in a foreign country? your government spend billions that they could use for your medicare or schools or infrastracture. sorry, i dont get it. this will only make europeans, including russia, hate you all.

  14. All of us USA citizens were told to leave that conflict area. Everyone knew to leave from our excellent diplomats

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