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President Biden held a one-hour phone call with Ukrainian President  Volodymyr Zelenskyy with Biden announcing half a billion dollars in U.S. aid, a discrimination lawsuit against video game giant Activision Blizzard has come to a close and a new ALS drug is up for FDA approval.

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  1. Disband the UN and move it to Ukraine, the leader of the free world. No security council. No Russia until they turn over the criminals. The world will protect the country then.

  2. I Have a Big comment for you. Please listen and understand. The Nations of the world, the Crisis in the weather, All stem from the fact they they have put themselves above our Creator. They have forgotten our founding fathers instructions to slways remember God in all things. You had a special on roots awhile back. Yet the one thing that was forgotten was that even though the fight for freedom came at a high price, is that God was their Protection and guide. He is the one that saw them through. Martin Luther King Jr. Said Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty we are free at last. You want to heal the land? Put God back on the throne, humble yiur selves, turn from the wickedness. Then God will heal the land and restore Our nation to the greatness it once was.
    Please comment back.

  3. We call on foreign media people who understand Chinese to do a lot of translation and reporting of China's internal propaganda and videos, so that the international community will know that the CCP speaks one thing to the outside world and does another thing internally. How did they report falsely to the people in China and teach children and people to hate foreign countries from an early age, because China cannot know the truth about foreign countries, and they infiltrated and bribed political dignitaries, academic units and even religious groups in many countries through monetary diplomacy. At present, China is constantly using the epidemic to search for the wealth of enterprises and people, and then develop military and overseas military power, and provide financial and military assistance to North Korea, Russia, and the Taliban in Myanmar, Afghanistan, etc., in order to use these countries to harass and invade neighboring countries. North Korea and Russia, in particular, have been secretly providing military oil and financial assistance under the resolution of the United Nations, but they have indeed squeezed and intimidated the people inside China to maintain stability and loot money to facilitate the CCP’s external expansion. And use a large number of immigrants to subvert and bribe countries around the world. If there are no financial and investment sanctions against the CCP, some greedy state enterprises are still doing blood transfusions for the CCP and accomplices in maintaining the CCP’s rule, including Taiwan. It is hoped that the international community will impose economic sanctions on the CCP, forcing companies that invest in the CCP to leave voluntarily, and allowing the CCP to withdraw from the historical stage of ruling China. The world will return to peace, which may not be good news for countries that rely on the United States to sell force. So in the United States, whether you are doing it for the world or for yourself, I hope that the United States will make the right choice, otherwise the United States will eventually be pushed into the abyss by the backlash of the international community.

  4. I just want to say that my 14 year old son had a grandmother that passed away when he was in elementary school he was 10 his grandmother passed away and someone other kid said something disrespectful about his grandmother now this other little boy did not know that my son‘s grandmother passed away but she had just passed away and for him to hear this other child say something disrespectful about his grandmother who passed away he decided to hit him he got in trouble at school for hitting the other little boy my son said to me the same night of that show mama see I was not wrong because Will Smith hit someone for talking about his wife so why come I was wrong for hitting that boy for talking about my grandmother who passed away this is teaching children that when someone say something they don’t like they have the right to hit I’m trying to teach my children one way and us as adults do things in a whole Nother way how does that work

  5. United States is trying to over through PM Imran Khan Pakistan. Million of dollars have been distributed to the oppositions of Pakistan. Biden dislikes PM Imran Khan is because PM Imran Khan stood up against United States “Obsoletely not”. Pakistan fought an unjust War for America, but it was failure. We have lost over 100,000 Citizens of Pakistan. No Gain established. PM Imran Khan does not want this to happen again. He stood up against Biden that Pakistan will not get involved in any War against Afghanistan or any county. Pakistan wants to be Neutral. Biden does not like the answered.

    The threaten letter was sent to Pakistani PM Imran Khan that he will be executed and his government will be overthrown. The Letter is been declassified can be shown to the whole World. We don’t want America to get involved in countries who likes Live in peace other countries. You may check YouTube channels of PM Imran Khan to clarify the news. This is not a fake news.

    Pakistan is one of that country who likes to Live in peace.

  6. Putin has been lying for decades that Ukraine is a worthless state, that the Ukrainian army is weaklings, and Ukrainians will definitely be happy to meet the Russian occupiers!)))
    Reality turned out to be completely different!
    The Russian army was met with fierce resistance from the entire Ukrainian people!  The army protects the people, and the people support their army with all their strength and resources!
    That is why, although the Russian army has already suffered colossal losses, Putin cannot simply stop hostilities and withdraw the remnants of his troops from Ukraine, as this will mean that Russia and Putin personally received a very large military-political defeat in Ukraine!
    In this case, Putin will inevitably be forced to leave the presidency, but he would like to avoid this!
    However, Putin has what he has, and therefore Russia has already announced the withdrawal of its troops from Kyiv and Chernigov.
    This is definitely not a manifestation of the goodwill of Putin and Russia, and not the end of the war, but a statement of the inability of the Russian army to capture these cities and the urgent need to transfer troops to the south and southeast of Ukraine to ensure the capture of new territories and the retention of already occupied territories.
    On the other hand, Ukrainians show themselves as brave and skillful warriors who stubbornly defend their homeland from Russian invaders and even partially liberate the occupied territories!
    Now Ukrainians are defending not only their homeland, but the whole of Europe!
    And this is not at all surprising, since Russian officials have repeatedly discussed the possibility of a military takeover of European countries over the past decades, and right on Russian state television!
    Therefore, Ukraine urgently needs the supply of much more effective defense systems against cruise missiles and high-flying aircraft, anti-ship missiles, combat aircraft and attack helicopters, tanks, long-range guns in order to defeat and drive enemy troops from its territory as soon as possible!
    This is the only condition for the end of this war, since Putin started the war under a completely far-fetched pretext and demands the unconditional surrender of Ukraine, and for Ukrainians this means the destruction of the Ukrainian people and the deportation of the population to the most remote and undeveloped regions of the Russian Federation.  Russian officials have also spoken about this many times!  In addition, Russia violates any treaties and understands only the language of real power!
    Therefore, the Ukrainians simply have nowhere to retreat!
    The real purpose of the existence of Russia is the seizure of the territories of other countries.
    Russia feeds on new countries, sucks out all the resources from them, and turns free people into slaves.
    Russia has already shown that it has limited resources, and therefore Ukraine urgently needs new deliveries of much more powerful weapons in order to end this war as soon as possible!
    The Ukrainians have already shown their ability to defeat the Russian army and liberate their country!
    Thank you for your help so far!!
    Help Ukraine, protect yourself!

  7. The war in Ukraine 🇺🇦 is meant to open your eyes to the reality in the financial system. Real estate firm and other businesses are also closed too,, only crypto holders and crypto investors are spending money with ease..

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