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Officials have confirmed a leaked part of a ruling on Roe v. Wade is authentic, but not final. President Biden urges Congress to pass a new aid package for Ukraine. And polls close in Ohio and Indiana midterm primaries.

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  1. A woman should be able to end her pregnancy in the first trimester if she wants… 3rd term abortions should only be legal in rare instances .

  2. ProLife IS ProChoice. A being that cannot live on it's own outside the womb isn't yet a sufficiently developed human being. The relationship requires an embryo be attached to a womb in order to receive oxygen and nourishment, as well as other benefits, so it feeds off the womb and body to which it is attached. Such relationships are defined in college biology courses as parasitic ones. The Bible indicates a person becomes a separate human being when they take in their very first breath of life-giving air, full of needed oxygen to fuel the body's functions. Before that first breath, the baby is dependent on a womb to suppy it oxygen. To me, as soon as a baby is capable of surviving outside attachment to the womb, it is an independent human being. Before that, it is a potential human being that is incapable of sustaining life by itself. Therefore, it isn't a fully developed human being but is a potential human being, that is still growing and moving toward becoming a separate being through a continued growth process. The Bible indicates in the Hebrew scriptures, that under certain circumstances if a couple of men start fighting, and roughly knock into a pregnant woman who then loses her baby, under specified cicumstances it ia considered murder. It is a very specific and detailed set of circumstances though, and doesn't apply in all instances. Also, abortion is not a sacrifice of a child to the God known as Molech, just to be clear.

  3. As a 67 yr old male, I have always been a firm believer in women's rights. I have always believed men had no right to tell women what they could tell women what they could tell women what they could or couldn't do with their bodies.

  4. I think it’s tough, especially when it comes to the law. I’m pro life, I will advocate for pro life any day. If I were in a personal situation, I would do just about anything to keep my child… coming into this world. That all being said… I’m not carrying the baby, if it was my situation personally, I’d loose my mind loosing my unborn child, but that’s not every situation and who am I … to tell someone else what to do. I can talk about what the church says, I can do lots of things, but it’s not my decision to make and since I’m a guy… it never would be.

  5. Remember !! I speak for the working class of India, Pakistan, Africa, Australia, Europe and the Americas. We all stunned and stumped by this one question. '' Why is it, that globalist progressive liberals, are never punished for their crimes ? ''

  6. I must first Say that I'm a man and I will never know the great task of carrying a child for 9month. With that being said. Just this week I heard of two women who destroyed their own children and took their lives. I am not to judge I will use myself as an example my mom was a teen when she had me and I must say she was an incredible loving mother- strong and tough however I was blessed but the reality is that not everyone is maternal or paternal I would have rather her not bring me into this world if she could have the amount of life's disappointment overwhelm her so much that she would not have the ability to love me.Money cant make you a parent love makes you a parent. and I have been around enough children who would love to not be growing up and facing this world grasping the pain of knowing they were never wanted or loved from their Mother or Father it shows and hurts not being wanted.

  7. I had an abortion at 17, a pregnancy resulted from circumstances I'd rather not discuss. I was 7 weeks when I had the procedure. It was a hard, deeply personal decision that I, ME, had to make, and I knew that it was right for me.

    Judge me, IDGAF, but the fact that I had the right to CHOOSE is so important to me. Taking away this right is clearly saying women aren't important

  8. If I was younger and healthier I would join the protesters! I got pregnant at 17 in 1969! I would have had to travel to England to have an abortion! I had my son…he’s 52 years old! He was the only child
    I could have! Women should have a choice…old men on the SC should not dictate to women!

  9. Anti abortion, no maternity leave… America in 2022 leads the world in backward laws. Backward people?


  10. Ephesians 1:5-7
    Having predestinated us unto the adoption of children by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will, To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved. In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;

  11. We all see the supreme court has a total political bias, I think it has become a useless branch of government , they should support all the people not just those who put them in office, the court is a total disgrace .

  12. "What can Joe do?"

    "He can, ummm, start the process."

    Exactly. Anybody blaming Biden for this is either disingenuous or ignorant to how checks and balances work in the US.

  13. Ted Cruz wants the leaker locked up, for exposing a document, but he has no problem with people taking the capital by force in a coup effort. How do these nucklehead s like Cruz get elected ,go back to Cancun Ted and stay .

  14. Pro-lifer here. Hopefully this draft is the real thing. I am a pro-life atheist. I think anyone who is not a monster must be pro-life. Protect our unborn babies America.

  15. I think history will look back at mothers killing their unborn children as barbaric. They will look back at earlier supreme Court rulings as we now look back at many of their other rulings.

  16. Selfish Hypocrites!

    "We hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights. That among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

    (The Unanimous Declaration of the United States of America)

    Not human was the excuse used to justify slavery. Now it is used to justify murder. First thing the wicked do is dehumanize those individuals whose rights they wish to deny.

    "I pray that one day. This great nation will live up to its Creed."

    (Dr. Martin Luther King)

    When an individual becomes capable of squatting down and spontaneously expelling another human being at will. Then it will be a right granted by nature and not by the hand of man.

    All arguments were circumvented July 4, 1776. Not to mention all of which are grounded in greed (selfishness). The foundation of all evil. Overturning Roe V Wade will be one of the most righteous things this nation has ever done.

    Future generations will look back with bitter tears. Seeing one of the greatest atrocities in human history. The silent, unseen and hidden holcaust. A crime so great. That it has reached unto heaven itself.

    You have a choice. They don't!

    P.S the SCOTUS 1973 decision regarding Roe v Wade was one of gross hypocrisy and incompetents. Blind leading the blind.

    #OverturnRoeVsWade #AbortionIsDeath #AbortionIsEvil
    #InvokeArticleFive #ConventionOfStates #AmendTheConstitution

  17. The 16th amendment and the 14th amendment is going to be revised will be with Sharia law men will tell women what to do again when to do it how to act the me too movement is over they were angry because of they were exposed they're getting back they don't want you to vote they want minority to vote they want to go back to Andy Griffith days what you think

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