Nuclear Waste Mountain & Cyber War Games: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

This is the September 20, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:20 Trump’s new tariffs are a flat 10% hike on the import price of products, so on more expensive products the price hikes will be much more noticeable

5:32 Even before this exercise, Colorado was considered one of the safest states to cast a vote. They keep a paper trail of their ballots. Now Colorado is hosting a cyber war games simulation to prepare for the 2018 midterm elections.

10:37 On Sunday, India’s government is rolling out a national health care plan that aims to insure its poorest 500 million people. Officials estimate the healthcare could cost the government $1.7 billion.

13:02 Rep. John Shimkus from Illinois has thousands of tons of spent nuclear fuel backed up in his home state, and is taking a congressional delegation to Nevada’s Yucca Mountain to convince them it’s time to fund and restart the process of building the country’s first long-term storage for nuclear waste.

17:03 After rap was banned in China, the country’s popular “Rap of China,” which is like “American Idol” if every contestant rapped, is back on the air.

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    ලුතිනන් වරයා ඔබ සමඟ ඇගේ අතෙහි දිස්වන අතර දීප්තිමත්, දීප්තිමත්, විනෝදකාමී ප්‍රීතියකින් දිදුලයි ඇය බ්‍රැන්ඩි බෝතලයක් අල්ලා ගනී ඔබ සිතුවමකින් ඉරා දැමූ සීරීමක් අල්ලාගෙන සිටී ඔබේ අතේ අඳුරු හා මෝඩ පෙනුමක් ඇති මල් බඳුනක නිරූපණය

  2. looks like the reporter has no idea about american based companys makeing more products ? witch means more jobs for (american) people …in other words stick the china made couch in you dumb ass …. looks like the hillary fans are also getting ready to wine some more …… theses persons are exactly what is wrong with the usa …. hate russia love china lol blame blame blame …

  3. There are plenty of options for dealing with spent nuclear fuel. Instead of screwing around with a repository that has to last tens of thousands of years, we need to reprocess that waste and use it as fuel for a future generation of nuclear reactors. The truth is that high level waste still retains 90% or more of its original, accessible energy content. It is like filling up a ten gallon gasoline tank, using one gallon and then dumping the rest into a barrel and wondering how the hell you store such a flammable and poisonous material safely.
    The simple answer is fast breeder reactors. We've built a number of these over the years and even developed the reprocessing and recycling technology to make it work. The Integral Fast Reactor concept as proven at Argonne National Labs in Idaho (now Idaho Natl. Labs) in the 1980s. The EBR-2 reactor ran for 30 years from 1964 to 1994 without a single incident. The fuel reprocessing facility exists today. We have the technology. We have the expertise. All that is needed, is an OK from government to build these reactors and fuel reprocessing facilities.
    Yes, it's expensive. But as a return on investment, you not only get clean electricity that emits no CO2. But it produces enough electricity to replace coal and gas on a watt-for-watt basis, unlike solar and wind. And as a final benefit, you get to use up the nation's nuclear waste and reduce it to something far less hazardous that is back to background levels in 300ish years instead of 10,000.

  4. This Modi care has been announced but the reality is out of 5000 people only 50 people selected for this in our village. Besides my dad got his name in the list. Me and my dad visited 3 time that hospital to get that scheme " a small card " given to all beneficiary but yesterday they said We have to do the process again. This is the reality of every scheme launched in India.Stand in long line for days. They do not say this document required , when you go with that document again they will demand something new , xerox copies and i think it takes 20 days to get that scheme benefit and people have to stop work and have to stand in a ques. so ridiculous.The government announced that those people have national identification card , they dont need extra proof, but the reality is different, Those authorized center who issues this scheme card, they just asks other proof expect national identity card. This is really shame, the PM is boasting that this scheme is implemented properly.

  5. Russia did not effect or change any election, or mess with any polling station. There has been reports of dead people, illegals, and multiple votings for years. The right says the system is broken and we need ID's (like many other countries), their racist. The left looses their shit over a couple FB post by trolls and now russia is voting for us. Get your shit together Vice, and the rest of you idiots. Russia didn't vote Trump in, we did. By the way Russia has been buying ad space in the new york times and WAPOST since the end of WWII to sway votes.

  6. The main problem with nuclear waste is that it’s easy to attack. Not that hard to break open those containers with a bomb and then the would area becomes radio active for thousands of years. And since it lasts all those years don’t you think the amount made is too much ? They need to find a way to neutralize it

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