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One America News, or OAN, is a far-right news network being embraced by President Trump at his coronavirus press briefings. John Oliver takes a look at who they are, how they report, and why they could be a big problem during the pandemic.

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  1. Liz Wheeler should note that women in England used to be muzzled in the 1600's when they "misbehaved" which at the time was essentially just have an opinion. So her very job is contradictory to her argument on "traditional gender roles"; conservatives are unhinged and it's not really that funny anymore…

  2. Whats with all the foreigners and 2nd gens 存o many are dedicated to the destruction of the nation that gave their worthless asses. sanctuary,,,Democrats seem to recruit the worst America hating filth on earth..Deport Oliver and Noah together

  3. You could sum this video up with

    Liberals want spiders to be even sexier.

    You could focus on the spiders

    You could focus on the sexy

    But it's the even that carries the most weight.

  4. Yeah…they all said they'd rather 'die free men'…til they ended up on their hospital death beds crying about how they wished they'd taken the vaccine. Embarrassingly stupid garbage humans.
    Thank God trump is out and those days are long gone…and we can all sit back, relax and enjoy his slow but inevitable journey towards criminal indictment and hopefully life in prison. Who's cryin NOW OAN???

  5. Who are we to decide if people can be trans or hetero, Baptist, or scientologists, black or white. It's called freedom of choice, and Republicans can't take that away from us. People should be able to do what makes them happy, except murderers.

  6. That Liz is a piece of work. She thinks that everyone is stupid enough to go transgender. That's just ridiculous. There will always be see between heterosexual. What a racist!

  7. Sorry John I've gotta go a different way on the CV part. The facts are the CV wasn't developed in South Carolina, it was Baltimore. CV was moved to China (wohan) because of how deadly of a pathogen it is.
    China didn't want to be the epicenter any more than the US, main stream media changed the naritive to take a swipe at Donald Trump. Donald Trump was wrong about one thing, CV more accurately should have been named the America virus or perhaps the Baltimore virus, that way it could at least blame it on black people….oh my bad they did that anyway.

  8. This OAN Station must be made up of a bunch of criminals. Trump is a criminal and they're following him. One American News… more like One American Rubbish! Are they watching the January 6th Committee public outings?

  9. How's this for a conspiracy? OAN reporters have all been replaced by cyborgs they operate in another Westworld. You have clues like the robotic speech patterns.

  10. "If people don't depend on their families, then who do they depend on? THE GOVERNMENT"
    They basically said that they have no friends without saying that they have no friends, because for normal people, they'd go to friends for help way before the government.

  11. OAN is legit, not perfect by any means; but far more polished than Newsmax and more willing to say the truth the MSM hides than Fox (Fox is controlled opposition.) Watch 2000 mules, j6truth and Roman with the Epoch times; all have a lot of legit information.

  12. Demon-crats control 99% of all news and social medias 互 FJB, Corn Pop, Heels Up Harris, Hunter and his Hoes, their lying arse News and Socialist Medias 互 too

  13. It makes me sad… Both 'wings' of American politics are sitting in their echo chambers, screaming 'nanny nanny boo boo I can't hear you!" at each other. WTF is wrong with America? If a Democrat sponsored a bill giving funding to a guaranteed cure for cancer, a Republican would vote against it simply because it was a Democrat initiative. Every other week there's a mass shooting, outrage and anger, thoughts and prayers…lather, rinse, repeat. No one TALKS about issues anymore. They all just scream insults and call it a day.

  14. OANs segment with the medical doctor about Americans possibly being addicted to fear was profound. Watch it if youre a parent of a young Gen Xer or an Alpha generation child.

  15. I have done the research and there was gain-of-funtion research done on SHCO Coronavirus 14 at University of Southern Carolina, the team was led by Ralph Baric and they published their results in "Nature" back in 2016 and the work was funded by the federal government, look it up.

  16. Why do these living parodies get to parade themselves around as news? All they do is suck off the GOP and pass around the most degenerate troll discourse they find online, not even reporting let alone investigative journalism

  17. 2:14 Holy shit. That is the most aggressive slanting Ive ever even heard of. That woman isnt even trying to get a line from Trump, shes giving it to him like the Russians in those tapes hes been trying to convince us dont exist.

  18. Cant you not even tell the gender on most chicks not even specifically penguins until a certain age? Also with wild animals, even in a zoo wouldnt you not want to bother/handle them to avoid unnecessary stress or injury?..but yeah liberal agenda lmao

  19. To help out, it's pronounced "back-fife-en-ge-zikt" and its literal translation is "a face in need of a fist". I hope you've enjoyed this educational moment.

  20. As a german: the Backpfeifengesicht thing is 100% true, often also referred to as a phone book face. because the words for opening, closing and researching in a book all mean to punch someone in german

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