Omicron spreading at unprecedented rate, WHO says – BBC News

The new coronavirus variant Omicron is spreading across the globe at an unprecedented rate, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned.

Cases of the heavily mutated variant have been confirmed in 77 countries.

But at a press conference, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said it was probably in many others that had yet to detect it.

Dr Tedros said he was concerned that not enough was being done to tackle the variant.

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  1. There have been far too many conflicting reports, everywhere, every-time.

    We cannot just take their face values for granted immediately. Be cautious..

  2. It's December may come as a bit of a shock to these so called experts in government but people often fall ill this time of year.

  3. So refreshing to see the comments section on these propaganda pieces . When do we all say ENOUGH OF THIS ? All at the same time.

  4. I like how all of a sudden china has nothing to do with this and we’re looking at South Africa like thats where is has come from 😂

  5. Dr Tedros a genuine "caring" person……… who is not responsible for covering up outbreaks of cholera in Sudan and Ethiopia…….

  6. No matter how desperate the authorities are to claim that the whole world has it or will get it ( whatever it is ) some of us remain unperturbed. I am well , you are well , and certainly your children are not ill and dying. My friends we have in a word been had . I wish everyone who reads this peace and love as we celebrate our shining glory that God sent his son Jesus to walk among us . 🙏

  7. Why hasn't Boris and his staff been challenged by other leaders from different countries? Not keeping the covid rules in the houses of parliament.

  8. Cause its going to spread, its in the air that we breath for gods sake, but here's the thing.Most people in fact thousands of people would not even know they have got it if they didn't test for it. Lets test people for the flue while we are at it.Has flue gone away, no i don't think so.

  9. So why show someone on a ventilator when this clearly isn’t happening with Omicron?
    Scare mongering obviously!

  10. forget the bbc its only there for foreigners, criminals,sexual perverts and as the official w.e.f. mouthpiece.

  11. I love the BBC more than my wife, family, job, home, welfare and I trust everything they say. Thank you BBC for taking my money for my television license to feed me my daily dose of propaganda free, unbiased news.

  12. Not 1 person has died of the new CON and lets not forget there are 2000 more variants to go HE HE HE 2030 on the horizon boys and girls.

  13. Lies lies lies this is what the BBC DO BEST! RAMP IT UP TO PULL ON THE HEART STRINGS! Put on some bad stories like they did with the Dingy sinking a boat full of men and 1 women but make sure you say women and children! Total CON! and this is the same DISGUSTING LOW LIFE BBC.

  14. We know the BBC is a biased, all payed for entity. Just spouting fear mongering nonsense. Your days are done. You can hide the dislikes all you want. Your message is going to be ignored.

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