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Scientists are racing to assess the threat from the new coronavirus variant Omicron. Cases have surfaced in several countries – including Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy and Australia. Dutch authorities have also confirmed 13 Omicron infections among airline passengers who arrived from South Africa – which first sounded the alarm. Governments around the world have imposed restrictions on travel from southern Africa. Scientists are still unclear how infectious Omicron might be, and whether current vaccines will remain effective.
Once again, it feels like the world is racing to catch up with the pandemic. The UK banned flights from southern Africa and still found omicron in its midst. The list of countries affected is growing while the research has just begun.
Germany was already facing its worst wave of infections. Now omicron has been found in travelers arriving from South Africa, threatening to put even more strain on the healthcare system.
Israel has certainly heard that wake-up call. With one confirmed case of the variant and several more suspected, it is shutting its borders to all foreign travelers for two weeks and phone surveillance technology will be used to keep track of infected people. They’re the most drastic measures announced by any nation so far in the wake of this new development.


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  1. What happened to the regular flu and who got that vaccination? No thank you WHO? UN Globalists! Keep your NWO in your secret societies, eventually the people will wake up and your reign will end!

  2. The virus has mutated here in the United States and has become more aggressive and easy to be spread . The mutation of the virus is very bad and those that are in Canada have been from India that has triple the amount .

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  4. Good news for a change is that It’s the mildest Covid Strain seen thus far , this has been proven by the Doctors in South Africa .. They say it’s “Far less dangerous “ No need for more Jabs

  5. 1:07 "omicron has been found in travelers from africa" … "i hope this is a wake up call for many people that vaccination is a good thing" —- uhhhhhh, my bruh, youre letting people travel all around the world but somehow found a way to blame the unvaccinated??? broski, how about the fact these travelers who brought the virus back WERE VACCINATED!?!!! how is that the fault of the unvaccinated??! the stupidity is off the charts

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  7. But no death reported right?
    Its mean,this virus isn't deadly

    I hope covid will vanish forever from this world, i want world back to normal again like 2017,2018,2019.

  8. grabe nayan sino kaya ang nasa likod nyan wala silang gaweng kondi pandimec ang binabantayan nila talagan pinalalakas pa nila ang sakit nayan naona ang covid 19 tapos delta tapos variant tapos omicron nabaman

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  11. The thing that media and government loves to pander the most is fear. Just look around at the issues in our times. Almost everything is fear based by design.

  12. If virus is changing and upgrading it self then what is the use of taking vaccines whats going on in this world??

  13. Isn't it funny how all the rulers of this world tried to force this vaccine on us and now there's a new variant that the vaccine is going to be useless against, how can they force a vaccine that's not even going to work anymore! I believe we're going to win this guy's, I think someone's looking out for us greater than those world leaders! I pray all their evil be exposed to all the world so every one knows the truth about these leaders. The WHO thinks we need to double down on vaccines after they have been told they will not work against this new variant, the vaccine companies are already trying to make a new vaccine but why would the World Health Organization, the WHO, tell everyone to double down on a vaccine that will no longer work? This is how you know that this is not about vaccines helping you this is a power grab and this new variant thru a rench in their plans, so now they are trying to race this new variant because they won't have any excuse to take your freedom away and they counted on you never finding out the truth! Wake Up People!

  14. Someone told me that one of the patient tested positive for Variant who carries AIDS and it mutant changes causing AIDS being spread through air 💨 😳😷😮‍💨

  15. Until my country starts securing our border from covid positive illegals and the cartel trafficking children and adults plus drugs and weapons I don't really care ! No point ,right ?! Let's Go Brandon!!!!!

  16. Let’s Go For Free Antibody Tests…Africa proved that natural herd immunity works and the narrative is trying to penalized Africa. It’s so obvious. There is little or no stats relating to this BS variant. They can’t even tell us what the symptoms are, other than a possible short term dull headache or short term body aches. Wow sounds really bad…total created BS.

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