1. The real danger lies in these pseudo-governments. Hiding the truth is the biggest danger. On the contrary, if any invasion takes place from space then humanity will collapse from fear because for years you have been brainwashing people and convincing them that UFOs are not real, and now you want to convince them otherwise and you want them to believe they are real. What is this nonsense, I see that there is cooperation between the United States and these demonic creatures, the current period, there is a strange synchronization between the global media under the title of a foreign invasion

  2. Irony is we now have the clear pic of black hole, light years away from us..
    But not of an Object visiting us on daily basis…

  3. Yes UFO only likes American airspace 😂💩 plus USA airforce has the Shi’ite’s camera technology in the world.

  4. If they were a god damn threat we would all be fucking deader then dead already! I’m sooooo sorry but! Stfu! 👽

  5. No way. Whenever cold war breaks out for some reason UFOS fly above US. Once I saw one in the air. I shot it and it, it then yelled "C*ka Bl*at" and flew away. Please include this in your archive of UFO encounters and spread the word.

  6. Bruh that’s a drone 🤦‍♂️

    UFO just means unidentified flying object. What’s more likely? A alien from a billion light years away or a drone? I rest my case.

  7. But why do UFOs appear only in the USA? I have never seen nor heard somebody report a UFO in my country.

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