Putin knows NATO has no designs on attacking Russia: Gen. Keane

Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane reacts to Russia’s threat of retaliation for Finland’s bid for NATO membership on ‘Your World.’ #FoxNews #YourWorld

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  1. The possibility of both Ukraine and Finland hosting U.S. nukes right on Russias borders. Do you really think Russia would be OK with that.

  2. Propaganda Sites – Russia invaded Ukraine because they were going to join NATO

    Same Propaganda Site – Finland and Sweden are going to join NATO – No Russia doesnt invade countries just because they want to join NATO

  3. Aware of the Trojan horse with an excuse to dispose of Ukrainian agricultural production, agricultural production can leave where the weapons come in.

  4. We actually have real & fulfilling lives here in the USA. There is nothing of Russia's we want. If they didn't exist we wouldn't even miss them.

  5. If I was Putin I would nuke the s*** out of a couple countries just to get my point across about not encroaching on my territory. Thank God I'm not Putin

  6. Haha “despite the failures of Russia”…. MSM is unbearable to watch… which military contractors payroll do you suppose this dudes on

  7. No one buy anymore "Absolute" or "Finlandia", only – "Stolichnaya". That is the single real vodka, trust me, volunteers.

  8. WW3 incoming start doomsday prepping before everyone panic buys I’m telling you… remember how the world reacted during a corona-Rona experience/experiment . Build plan for your family and friends.

  9. The only reason he's threatening is because he wanted to attack them later at some point and being in NATO makes it more difficult now

  10. Now that the world has seen how weak the Russian military is it may be time for NATO to attack!

    I just watched an article that stated the Russian soldiers were stealing washers and dryers from civilian homes! What kind of soldier tries to log around a 250 pound clothes washer? These Russian soldiers are the brightest bulbs in the lamp!

  11. Biden is no George W. Bush; he's another Barack Obama. Putin managed to threaten – Obama soon after he became president to withdraw ballistec missile sites in the Balkan states, and he complied – thereby boosting Putin's courage from there! He never looked back. Checked.

  12. NATO was created to combat the Soviet Union.
    The Soviet Union is no more and yet NATO still exists and expanding but will not let Russia join

  13. Stupidity on all sides . Countries should be happy to live within there borders while creating trade and good relations with all . People benefit from this interaction. I just guess that I don't get it . Misery and destruction prevail .

  14. And NATO knows Russia has no designs on Finland and Sweden – but fearmongering makes the powerful more powerful and the wealthy more wealthy – NATO a type of tax on the poor and powerless who are just hoping to feed their families

    With PATHOLOGICAL LIARS as heads of state in both Russia and America, GOD HELP US if we can prevent war between the two countries!

  16. NATO is not a defensive military or political defensive organisation at all, ask Serbia or Libya…so this Gen Keane is talking a load of cr4p.

  17. I hope you really will send US battle ships there in black sea and that russians will return you a favor to for your support in sinking battleship Moskva
    please send them please

  18. ????Will the US still send the lethal aid of US $ 40 Billion after Ukraine defeated? Hahaha. 😄😃😄

  19. So the baltic area will now have nucler weapons deployed there, security rom whom?, yougoslava was attacked by nato!

    Finland dont have a referendum not sweden

    The the world?

    Usa did with kosov!

    Usa invades soverign nations every decade!

    This man is telling us lies or is an idiot

  20. Remember, folks, Keane's incompetence helped in the second, and far worse, "Pearl Harbor" of taking no special measures against what everybody knew Putin MUST DO on a "Day One" attack — try to wipe-out Ukraine's air-defenses.

  21. If you think NATO has no designs, just in case, your kidding yourself. If Ukraine keeps their pace on eliminating the existing invaders, there won’t be anything left.

  22. Russian propaganda troll from fake accounts so crying about US help to Ukraine — they want to isolate US, to make it focus on it's internal quarrels and cease to be world power.

  23. Ukraine is NOT the breadbasket FOR Europe. Europe doesn't import Ukrainian grain. It is exported to Africa and the Middle East, some extra to Asia. Nothing goes west into Europe. Cavuto has made that same error in statements before. HE NEVER LEARNS.

  24. Turkey isn't interested with either Finland or Sweden joining because they support Kurdish separatist groups in east-Turkey. So the likelihood of a membership or at least a fast accession is very low.

  25. The Cold War started immediately after WW2. That's why NATO was founded. So their map is wrong. ALL the NATO countries started AFTER the Cold War had begun. DUH. They meant to say, countries that joined AFTER USSR collapse.

  26. Хозяева Белого дома и их союзники по ­­НАТО настолько убеждены в своей святости и исключительности, что давно перечеркнули все нормы морали и права. 
    Действия натовских агрессоров в Северной Корее, Вьетнаме, Персидском заливе, Югославии, Ираке, Афганистане, Ливии, Сирии и других странах стали причиной масштабных трагедий, унесших миллионы (!) жизней.  Под различными предлогами («защита мира, прав человека и демократии», «противодействие распространению коммунизма», «восстановление справедливости», «борьба с терроризмом», «предотвращение распространения оружия массового уничтожения») США вторгались в суверенные государства, разрушали устоявшиеся там порядки, экономику, инфраструктуру, приносили бедствия и несчастья на эти земли

  27. that report is absolute BS of course nato has plans to topple russia, thats the same as saying nato is defensive when everyone in the room apart from the elephant can see that nato is expantionist , ever since the end of ww2 just look at the maps and how nato has expanded its in the word folks expantion not defensive and you would do well to remember that the USA engineerd the coup in ukrain , installed zelenski and have been pumping money and weapons into ukraine since 2003 probably before that. it makes me laf when you see all the propaganda and news corrispondents pushing it when the say they stand for the truth. how shamful FOX NEWS you must know the history of ukrain and nato and even currupt zelenski before you report, just keep reporting on what the massive corporsations tell you too. nato has bit of more than it can chew with russia they are not dealing with afganistan or iraq here where they killed millions of woman and children and even madilan albright said that was ok by the way. russia is a powerful nuclear state. so see the pattern here? it is obvious that the west USA are pushing for war as a reset but what they dont realise is the destruction from hell that will rain down upon us if nukes are fired. the push for there dream of new world order is underway , who stands in the way , well that will be eastern asian countries russia and china who also have a world order they want in place and to be honest i think the western bloke has had there time 70 years controlling power that they have abused , like afganistan iraq syria and a laundry list of countries pilliged millions and millions woman children killed in the name of FAKE freedom BUT YET THERE IS AN OUTCRY FOR UKRAINES FEW THOUSAND what a absolute joke dont make me laf. the sooner the news stops lieing and reporting more accuratly the better the world will be, THE TRUTH WILL SET US ALL FREE, PROPAGANDA AND LIES AND ESPECIALLY PUSHING THIS KEEPS US ALL AS PRISONERS IN THIS REALITY WE ALL LIVE IN, GET A GRIP.

  28. Nato is a nothing burger against Russia,nato is a aggressor around the world led by the US. YES WELL YOUR STUDY INSTITUTE IS A WASTE OF SPACE.

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