Racist Graffiti & Venezuela Blackouts: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)

March 12, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight HBO.

2:13 Three weeks of protests in Algeria have pushed out the man who held onto power there for two decades, and whose party has ruled for five.

5:50 Power is slowly returning to parts of Venezuela after five days of massive blackouts. But much of the country is still without electricity or running water.

9:12 Paul Manafort will be heading back to court tomorrow to be sentenced in D.C.

13:43 Last week, someone spray painted racist graffiti — including the N-word and crude drawings of lynchings — all over the front of the house of a black family in Denver, Colorado.

19:24 After an investigation, federal prosecutors charged 50 people with carrying out a major college admissions scam. That number includes exam administrators, college coaches, and 33 parents — two of whom are actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

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  1. 13:43 Last week, someone spray painted racist graffiti — including the N-word and crude drawings of lynchings — all over the front of the house of a black family in Denver, Colorado.
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  2. This black white stuff in the USA is BS don't believe all the stuff you hear about a 1/4 of it is true. But for the ones who deal with this I feel sorry for and thay need Justice .

  3. This is a black American community. All you have to do is look at the people going into the surrounding houses. The question is why?

  4. Russia is here to help the democratically elected president dear USA the South America isn’t you back garden anymore no more puppets

  5. We really need to stop the war on drugs it hasn't worked we're beating a dead horse humans are creative they will always come up with a way to get high.we have the highest population of people in jails and prisons in the world. America is a police state. We are also the only country in the world thst has a bail bonds system. Are government gouges its citizens ! we need to complete law reform.

  6. America really should be having protest like that 😐before it gets so bad…..we're in the beginning stages of a dictatorship here in America and really nobody wants to accept that or even do anything about it.

  7. A good Artist or Musician is talented to me but being able to shoot a ball through a hole is talent but gets you into a good school. High test score should because that's intellectually. Country's future.

  8. Here in L.A. there's racism from Blacks, Asians, ect but surprisingly not from Whites.
    I believe you have the right to be racist as long as you're peaceful. I know many racists but they don't graffiti or say it out loud. I'm not White.

  9. One dose of illegal drugs can kill someone easily. Manafort white collar crime isn't nearly comparable.
    Drug dealers should definitely get more time.

  10. Hardcore gag on those collegiate gatekeepers. George Washington started this peerage bullshit with the society of Cincinnati and here we sit 230 years later with the same classist, fascist, federalist system we left Europe to escape.

    Also…….viva la Algeria!!!!

  11. Ken White, you are so full of shit.
    We all SAW the transcripts that Judge Ellis was reducing his sentence because of his political beliefs. There's no tagbacks, hoss.

  12. If I was his neighbor I would write the derogatory term for my race on my house to show that he won't stand alone and to show unity. Hopefully the rest of the neighbors would catch on and do the same.

  13. I'm sure Venezuela power outage had some professional help going out .Elliot Abrams , John Bolton and Mike pompeo . Aiding a power outage is right up these guys alley .war mongers and war criminals. Elliot Abrams was even found guilty and convicted of war crimes , but Bush gave him a pardon . .even though he got a pardon by another war criminal .he is still a convicted war criminal. Crimes against humanity.

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