'Real News Tonight' Adds To Trump's 'Smile File'

The team at ‘Real News Tonight’ gets inspired by the White House staff, who have been delivering a folder full of positive news, or ‘the propaganda document,’ to the President twice per day.

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  1. I wish the Greek gods were around. You know how they punished Narcissus, the father of narcissism? They made him fall in love with his own reflection so much that he died staring into a lake.

  2. How much of a toad would you have to be to be willing to blow sunshine up the boss's ass? It's not good for him or the people or the toads. If my job depended on that much sucking up I'd refuse, get fired, and then say publicly why I was fired.

  3. Ahhh so that is where he gets the polls and news he sources on his twitter. Lol he is 71 years old, why does he need his ego stroked that much at this point in his life?

  4. so he is useing tax payer dollars, and government employees time… to prop up his own ego (or rather to try and protect it from reality)… Surely this should be a criminal act..
    I feel like the next president will pass a bunch of bills limiting the president from doing this kind of garbage. America being so reactionary and all.

  5. Trade for water and women?
    Maybe I'd trade tools for a good man. You don't know. That joke kinda bombed, Stephen.
    Should have said sex-toys or cyanide. Anything outrageous would have scored a few laughs.
    But he just went for apocalyptic misogyny. Woops. Back to the writing board..

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