'Real News Tonight' Tackles James Comey

The President’s favorite fake news program ‘Real News Tonight’ cheers him up with another feelgood report.

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  1. This type of propaganda works for a lot of people, I guess. People who pay attention know better. Comey wouldn't prosecute even one person over the leaked classified information mishandled by the Clinton campaign. When questioned by Trey Gowdy, Comey admitted that multiple acts of perjury were committed, by smashing phones and wiping computers, after evidence was requested. Comey was grossly negligent, and while leftist public relations representatives like Stephen Colbert try to create a new narrative, more events are transpiring and going uncovered. Seth Rich was a 27 year old DNC staffer that was murdered prior to the Wikileaks releases from the Clinton campaign. We now know that Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks before his death. The FBI have access to his laptop which has all the answers. Why don't you make a skit about that? I think it'd be funny.

  2. Mr Comely the people support you don't let this bully get away anymore this clown doesn't know what he is doing he is a miss leader not a leader he has made a mess and a fool of all america such a phoney tell him your fired!

  3. You Dems are degenerates… First you bitch about Comey allegedly rigging the election in Trump's favor, now you're bitching for Trump firing him, I'm not a Republican btw, but you guys are out of touch with reality, hypocrisy is your shtick.

  4. I downloaded the app so I can watch the full episode at once. it fucks up my YouTube watch lists. I keep watching the same shit over and over. I'll stick to YouTube. your app has waaaay too many commercials. and I have to search your name in the stupid CBS app because they don't think you deserve to be the first thing we see when we open the app. I demand respect.

    I am a manic depressive who loves world news and information and I couldn't get it without ending up in the luney bin if it were not for you Stephen thank you for giving me laughter between my tears for the disrespect of this beautiful land by a chetto.

    Now marry me!!!! Damn you love me back Colbert!!!!

  5. Too bad, Stephen, You used to be funny. But now it's time to go to Clown Heaven. At least you might make the Russians laugh once or twice.

  6. Went to high school with Jim Anchorton. Good guy, everyone liked him a lot. Obviously not as much as everyone likes Trump though. Duh…

  7. These sections are simple brilliance. Both of them pull it off so well; I envy anyone who can say that sort of thing with a straight face.

  8. D'ya think Macauly Culkin put his hands on his cheeks and said "AAAAAAH!" when he found out he'd been fired just now?

  9. Sorry Trump. You CANNOT fire Trivago Guy. Even your powers have limits. I have to draw the line somewhere.

  10. Be careful what you wish for. Trump does not want the mother of his child working. Congratulations Jill.

  11. the stupidity of democrats, Jaywalking needs a come back.
    when was the last time there was done an IQ test over all students in a university ?
    I want to compare today with 20 years ago

  12. This is actually a very believable propaganda network. Maybe we'll soon have a state run media like what North Korea has.

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