Russia intensifies attacks on eastern Ukraine l WNT

The besieged city of Mariupol is still under threat of missile and artillery bombardment, while the cities of Kyiv and Lviv are facing long-range fire from cruise missile attacks, said officials.



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  1. Comuna dejado a Ucrania nada más miren eso miren este espejo este de aquí en Estados Unidos quiere que nos dejen así también no no creo que ustedes quieran que nos dejen hacia nosotros vamos a tirarle bombas allá a través de Ucrania y Rusia vamos a explotar lo vamos a darle lo mejor que tengamos para que se lo sume para allá arriba subirlo lo más porque el que pueda mover lo para allá para para para el norte de Rusia

  2. Tenemos que subir tenemos que subir bombas bien hartas con aviones de alta tecnología para tirarle las bombas en el medio de Rusia en el medio de Moscú vamos a despreciar a destrozar a Rusia porque si no se hace así nos van a destrozar a todos nosotros también aquí en Estados Unidos vamos a hacerlo nosotros antes a ellos antes de que no lo hagan a nosotros Vamos a ponernos listo y vamos a mandar esas bombas de alta tecnología que dice Estados Unidos que tiene ya preparada vamos a tirar la allá y yo la tengo al dando ahí porque sino no la van a portar de los mismos bien de nosotros nuestras propias bron bombas

  3. Meaning the casualty the west has inflicted against Russia goes unnoticed but all caualty against Ukraine is aided militarily and is the only one illegal we live in a non partisan world non biased and non discriminatory and non favoring even Russia has a right to defend itself against all for ms of threats

  4. Are the justice systems also sensitive to how much security threats Ukraine poses to Russia ate law enforcement as sensitive if how much anti Russian aggression undergoes by Ukraine are law enforcement sensitive to how much liability and destruction Ukraine and uktanians have inflicted in Russia and Russian soldiers much to the appeasement and enjoyment of the west ? Are law enforcers aware how much economic wars the west has been waging against Russia?

  5. So do the western nations really not know that the east ukraine is pro-russian so russia would never attack the east and they actually joined the conflict to defend the civilians in the east from the mass murder done by american backed ukraine nationalists who killed in the tens of thousands over the last several years?

  6. You know what Ukraine has this coming this English version you guys are watching fake news you would find out every single building besides now the soldiers now that are trying to fight we're all full of children being full of sexual pleasures and the other ones were biolabs that were owned by my own fucking country far as I concerned Putin is doing the world a favor with all those biolabs being blown up! What you want a new strand of coronavirus going around that's what he's trying to stop

  7. Australia which is Americas closest ally has secretly developed the worlds first unmanned fighter jet, the MQ28 Ghost Bat which is capable of flying at supersonic speeds and out maneuvering manned fighter jets in dog fights. The MQ28 Ghost Bat has its own autonomous super computer brain which is not affected by G-Forces like a normal pilot and it can out-perform a normal pilot in split second decision making. The MQ28 Ghost Bat can fly in packs and can be set on mission objectives to deploy its missiles against selected targets and then return to base. It can even be refueled while flying. Unlike a drone, each MQ28 Ghost Bat has its own autonomous super computer brain which can change its objectives in a fraction of a second if there is a change to the parameters outlining its objectives. The Australian Government through the Boeing Air-force Defense Systems factory in Queensland Australia, will be producing thousands of these autonomous fighter jets which will make Australia have one of the largest air-forces in the world, without the need to employ fighter pilots who cost around 6 million for each pilot to train. In addition, the Australian Government will be selling thousands of these advanced fighter jets to the Unites States Air-Force including its other allies, and its advisories like China and Russia will be very concerned. Take Care, David Matherson

  8. Putin is guilty of MUCH innocent blood. Biden is guilty of MORE innocent blood through abortions.
    THANK GOD for MERCY! "It is of the LORD'S mercies thaf we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.
    They are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness."
    Lamentations 3:22-23!

  9. all due to zelensky's stupidity and NATO arrogance.. they are killers who feel right, but don't want to feel the suffering of the ukraine people for their personal gain.. bastard

  10. What kind of technology can stop a space rocket?
    That was a remote controlled space rocket, simulating an intercontinental missile, it is something that the Russian communists tend to understand. Does anyone remember the launch of the Angolan ghost satellite Angosat 1 that is on YouTube, that after being launched fell into the Atlantic sea and some parts of the corpse were found scattered by the sea, it was a drill to deceive innocent Africans, there was no satellite inside the rocket, was a farce well plotted by Putin to keep 380 million dollars, money from the Angolans. This desperation also happened to Saddam Hussein in an attempt to scare the world by claiming that he has nuclear bombs. And given the benefit of the doubt, even if it were true, would the people of Russia be safe? So why is Putin not concerned about the lives of his people? Don't the dictator and the oligarchic mafia love their citizens? The United States and NATO together have numerical superiority of nuclear warheads over Russia to respond in retaliation for an eventual Russian nuclear attack! Putin continues to lie also in the case of the battle for the metallurgical plant, the Ukrainian soldiers continue to inflict casualties on Russia and are fighting to defend their land, he watches the latest videos as they stand strong. It is a clear sign that Putin is cornered and defeated militarily, politically and economically in the face of the Ukrainian resistance.

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  12. Zelensky is a snake. He keeps telling innocent people to fight and die. This selfish bastard know the outcome but still wants to show world how tough he is. He doesn't care about innocent people

  13. This is so insane that the west is not fighting on the ground with Ukraine and more. That Putin is getting away with this without a single bomb on his own country is unbelievable, this is so insane!

  14. Ukraine has been terrorizing and bombing their own Russian speaking citizens in the disputed territories for years now. Why would they stop now? Maybe they haven't and now they blame Russia. We need an honest reporter on the ground to report what is really happening. MSM can not be trusted to give the truth.

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