Russia war crimes mass grave in Izium | Polish army’s modernisation. World News– TVP World

New Russian war crimes were uncovered in the liberated areas around the Ukrainian city of Izium, Polish and Lithuanian governmental talks and Poland set to buy Korean armaments to modernise its army. This and much more are in the Friday edition of World News.

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  1. ウクライナ死体をトラックにのせろ、この山にしよ、埋めろ、十字架を立てろ、全部ロシアのせいにする、嘘です、何も知りません。

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  3. Poland did not purchase more than 100 abrams tanks. We have purchased 250 Sep3 and 116 sep2 abrams tanks this is almost 400 tanks deom the US and almost 1000 tanks K2 from Korea… I just hope this will be quick contract and till 2030 we will have all in place…

  4. We are all apart of Russia's war crimes and against humanity if we keep allowing this war to keep going. We can and should be doing anything and all that we can do to put an end to this war and bring everyone who is involved in all of the crimes from the top down, that includes Putin and Kahdaroff and Belarusian president because they are the reason for the Ukrainian war and if you agree with this message please send it to everyone you know and demand that your government and military to do whatever it takes no matter what it takes to drive Russia out of Ukraine and bring those involved with the crimes to justice by hanging so that all people of the world will see what happens when you do the things that they have done. God bless Ukraines people and Glory to it's military

  5. Now ruzzian army soldiers are just same kind of German soldier was in 40's, "I just follow my orders and kill civilians too".
    They are both nazzies, their goverment are facistic. vladiolf putler is exactly same kind narcistic person like adolf hitler was. Hopefully he will too end his life by himself. Or rather he will be killed
    by someone, after long torturing. That brings even some good justice what he have done.

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