1. He should be removed from office and should be investigated as a supporter of what happened at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. What did he know and when did he know it? I think the Republican Party, and some of their supporters, and they may have committed acts of Treason and should be held to account. And any person who was at the Capitol and participated in the insurrection should be charged with Treason. But I believe if you were a congress person and knew what was about to happen, and did happen on that date, you should be held to full account and suffer the penalty of Death for inciting insurrection, and Donald Trump is a traitor and he should be in jail awaiting trial for inciting insurrection and held accountable for the deaths of the Capitol Police officers and made an example of by execution for inciting the insurrection in a coup attempt.

  2. Chinese News Network CNN help steal the election with their own insurrection then accuse republicans of insurrection because of some nut cases. Tell that ugly ho ho ho to wear a mask

  3. He is such a hypocrite and liar. Throw him out. We all saw what happen. Our supposed rep who suppose to protect our nation against enemies of our county domestic and from afar. Arrest him he is an enemy of this country

  4. Glad to see the Democrats playing the Republicans game plan speak louder so to drawn out the other person so everyone hears your voice and Clyde is a jerk and should lose his set in the House.

  5. I've seen soccer games more out of control lol. This is why CNN is known for Corruption Not News that works with the criminal Biden administration. You all should be ashamed of your existence 🤥 How's Fredo your main guy doing with his new charges for being a sleez ball, like his brother? It's sickening, especially how this administration bombs family's and children and gets US soldiers killed on purpose aiding our enemies. You ppl are sick 😷. Especially how Fauci an DARPA released covid and infected the world.

  6. "Interesting and one thing that the so-called Patriots do not know is that a country that does not have a Legal President, as Donald says, is weakened and losing its defenses and form, because it does not have an Authority that indicates the Order !!
    And that only makes people who hate the USA happy and that apparently they are not only outside the USA among their enemies, like North Korea where you just need to read the Bible to be executed, but they are also inside the USA to destroy the Country ! What Donald calls the Swamp !! Simply unbelievable that apparently nobody is really seeing this happen in Reality !! Differences are not lies! Because differences exist and can only exist in true things that really exist and can be seen at different points! Are Real Facts !! Lies in the place of differences ones cannot go anywhere and they must be super superficial and they will never produce anything of real value! I'm sorry for this Political Party that is full of people of Real Bravery and super Capable !!
    Very simple for Donald to understand that a President has the Authority and the Duty to Lead the Country in his hands! If this Power is removed from the Country it will be adrift without The Authority that guarantees the Order if there is no other Authority for the place and position that guarantees the Order! And with the intention of creating chaos, he, Donald, spread the big lie and the Fake news that the current president was not elected and that he, Donald, should be in his place because the elections were stolen and cheated! And with that he wants to create chaos and violence as there was in January this year, Donald wants violence, chaos and terror! He is furious, as is Satan who is described in the Bible in the Book of Revelation chapter 12: 9-12 when he is cast down to Earth and loses his place in Heaven!
    Exactly what this fellow, Donald, a friend of Dictators in Russia and North Korea, would like to have in the USA, a Third World Democracy! He is very skilled at changing what he really feels and thinks, that instinct for him to protect himself and it's automatic, because he was educated like that by his father to face the world of Business !!Not lastly make money in the middle of the mess! And now for those who feel betrayed by the System and do not accept it, who, however, are never the Majority, sorry, in the USA and must not exceed 30%!
    "It is simply unbelievable like that Donald disrespected the USA and the citizens of the USA who live in a Democracy !! For not winning the elections he called the Democracy of the USA a Third World Democracy !! Totally mocking and disrespectful !
    Worse is that this was exactly what he would love to have in the USA, like in Russia, or even a North Korea etc … Brazil , maybe ,with its Voting Machines Programmed for Results desired by those who dominate everything and are the owners of Everything !!
    " We will all accept Miss Kayleigh McEnany's invitation ! Yes, we will enter in the Disneyland of republicans !!A Disneyland a little without grace and without surprises that can not really bring us anything interesting or realy NEW to our lives !!Let's imagine the hundreds of Voting Ballots found in a river, that nobody knows the name, that would be Voting Ballots with the name of Trump, a name that is even stamped on ice cubes in the real world, let's be curious as it was charged for her, Miss Kayleigh McEnany, that we should at least be curious to know , to a Journalist who asked her where the river was at all and was obviously left unanswered !!Come on in the curiosity of this story, aren't Voting Ballots were put there by the Republicans? Had they not been manufactured somewhere that printed them, in a garage, with the name of Trump and for him ? How were the ice cubes with the Trump name stamped ? To put them in the polls before they were opened to be counted ? And because they didn't have the opportunity to use it for that purpose, the Republicans threw it into a river that no one knows where it is and no one knows the name?Or, it would be, as he appeared in a small CLIP, with an Hindu in a small car full of Voting Ballots , for Democratic candidates, Biden and Kamala, explaining in a typical text in Donald's language that he would take all those votes to the Democrats into the Election Urns because it was paid for that purpose and he do it for money because money dominates the world and so he was doing this by order of Democrats and to cheat for the Election !!A story obviously put there, in that car with an indu and full of electoral ballots to vote, by the Republicans, that even before the Elections already built the history of the fraud wanting to make believe that they were being passed over !!"We must not forget that this fellow, Donald, threatened a journalist who published in a newspaper that the Casino he had built would go bankrupt and was right by the accounts he had made! Donald's threats to him were fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars $$ and end the journalist's wallet! It seems strange that this defamation of the whole country by him, Donald, has not yet had serious consequences!So we are going to Disneylandia of replublicans creating their one story and turned to them, after all, how could they have beaten Hillary Clinton in 2016 ? How was it possible ? That was not possible ! How could it have Won without fraud ?!How can a comrade who doesn't know how to do anything but mess up everything have won something ?! Without having defrauded ?!"Doesn't it seem childish to think that in a Fraudulent election, only Democrats defrauded? Look, if the Democrats was used the Internet through the WhatsApp to modify the Results of the Election, why the Republicans was not do?! It's a liltle bit of a children's opinion no! Very comic and very stupid! "He must have a very good team in advertising that manages, based on the thinking of the US Citizens, to stop criticism in they minds and open without thinking everything that will be induced there! To wash unprepared minds! And that is what he has done with whom he even call it stupid! Be careful! In fact, it's not hard to see that he's manipulating how good a psychopath $$ he is!

  7. “There is an absurd video of a comrade talking to President Biden in the middle of a crowd, where this same guy claims that President Biden has blood on his hands for the Iraq war.
    It makes no sense! Who started this war was President Bush and Afghanistan after the violence of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York!
    And this guy screamed that the blood was on Biden's hands! He did it out of sheer envy of him, Biden, who left Afghanistan and with the courage to do it and not spend more money $$ that should be used in the US for the population of the wonderful United States of America! A Donaldian envy! Horrible! And in those wars, I believe, they were just soldiers who were in the armed forces of the United States and there was no recruitment for civilians like in the case of Vietnam.
    Soldier is soldier! And in Iraq a private army that is on the side of the Republicans, called Black Waters, that yes, that one killed many civilians in that country!
    Sad this trumpian and republican envy of producing so many lies and fake videos against Biden who is a very good president!

  8. This guy who refuses to own his own words I say this ..The Best Part of this guy ran down his daddies leg!The next time this congressman is afraid for his life let him fight alone !!!!!!!!

  9. It's people like Don Jr and Donald Trump himself and a lot of the Republicans which make our country sound weak because they always talking bad about our government I always talking bad about our country yet our country is the one paying them and it makes us look kind of foolish that we will have somebody like that setting in our Capital yet going against everything that is good and fair and right for the American people it's time for them to come out of there can I get a witness from some of my real American people

  10. Bye Bye Miss American Pie! I am sorry but American Democracy is gone! Trump made the US great all right. Late and Great. It is too bad,but we have a song to sing. I am drinking whiskey and they.

  11. These people do not understand recording equipment! “That was not my statement!” Yes it was! Sorry you got caught saying it allowed. Did you confuse Terrorist with Tourist?

  12. You obviously can't reason with Republicans and they lie and use violence to get what they want. You can't reason with that anymore than you can reason with cancer.

  13. Today's GOP, I say let them continue to spread covid misinformation and eventually they will all be dead, they are killing their own voters and the pandemic is now largely the pandemic of unvaccinated Republicans! They have brilliant strategy for God knows what!

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