Senate Votes To Advance Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

Just moments ago, 17 Republicans joined all Democrats in voting to move forward on a procedural motion to debate a bipartisan infrastructure bill announced earlier today. NBC News national political reporter Sahil Kapur joins The ReidOut with this breaking news.
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  1. Wouldnt do any good to agree on any spending deal due to there is a understanding the Democrats have a plan pushed through the whole 3.5T one way or another. So if Republicans agree to 1T, the Democrats will move 2.5T to line good ol Hunters pockets in the reconsealational bill.

  2. Idk im a progressive but i feel like we shouldnt be demanding so much out of other democrats. If its all or nothing we will most likely get nothing every time. Negotiation is the key

  3. That was qualty my reasbet no source cream u guys are Rong u didn't answer it reali gowing to futur ok new wat hoppen u

  4. Sinema reminds me of trump, in that it appears she padding her own pockets by taking advantage of donors'💰 & playing around with last minute changing her commitments. She is considered a 1-term senator by many of her unhappy constituents. So why not take the money & run to the bank for an early retirement…I'm sure she received tons of 💰 from the Chamber & big business, probably learned some things from our other problem child, Joe Manchin! This all is pure BS 💩

  5. Crazy how long this stuff takes, and we wonder why China is dominating. This is the crack in democracies, stuff takes forever to pass and go through while Dictator Xi just snaps his fingers and it’s going to get done right away.

  6. If sinema doesn’t vote for the 3.5 T package negotiations are off nothing will be passed she needs to tread lightly.

  7. Infrastructure yes we probably need it…. The rest is all garbage.!! Garbageable bring higher inflation ..higher taxes.. and very unhappy poor people…

  8. Infrastructure yes we need some work… This bill is a joe joke ! The leader country to Mass taxes ,Mass inflation, and mass poor people… Good thinking Joe 🤣🤣😂

  9. So a 2 trillion infrastructure bill what’s the weather then turn down to 1,000,000,000,000 infrastructure bill and now it’s 500 billion infrastructure bill what the f&&&k is going on in America, The Republicans are happy with this so are they Republicans run in America still ?

  10. (Face palm) AoC does not understand basic United States civics, America is a representative republic, so wtf is she blabbing about?

  11. 17 …………………………………………………….. Q ùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùùù !!!lol

  12. I hope the land minds go off .. That’s way too much !!!! Open the second pipe line Joe. The American people understand. All the Republicans should be thrown out also !!!

  13. I can’t listen to this guy the way he talks anymore I was trying to I would notice saying but I can’t take it how he talks

  14. That’s crazy generations and generations paying for something trying to break The bank break our money down so it’s not really worth nothing and turn it into a socialist countryu

  15. It's ok as long as they keep out all of that racial equity climate change bull crap. I agree that roads and bridges need to be fixed. Internet infrastructure is also important. Hopefully gop will take back congress and stop all of the liberal woke pork barrel spending.

  16. DEAR LORD ! I will never forget the A 1 shredding machine trucks at election polls shredding Trump ballets true|

  17. DEAR LORD ! I saw the truth a long time ago and I wonder why is it hard for others to see so until they wake up we al have to suffer?|

  18. maybe they will arrest all the republicans before they vote for their crap "infrastructure" bill for not wearing masks

  19. 😶 😃 , The public school system in the US and Europe are not teaching people anything anymore. People today can't even tell the difference between a real man and a real woman.|

  20. Didn't the prior guy have like a dozen "Infrastructure weeks" in his one and done term? Didn't the prior guy also have his first two years off both chambers of Congress? And what was he able to accomplish in 4 years? Other than tax cuts for the 1% and exploding the debt of course.

  21. DEAR LORD ! Oh with some of these machines, you can assign a value to ballots, such as 100% for dems and 75% for GOP, if I remember correctly.|

  22. DEAR LORD ! When does the bull stop Ever one being arrested and some have been taken out bull|

  23. We should be investing in our own infrastructure instead of foreign wars. If it passes it should help create long term prosperity for this country.

  24. 😃 Amen our tru only President Donald Trump lov ur kooliad SMILe sooo beautiful nd so bright .amen|

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