Sleep Over Tonight: Songify the News #10

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Hannah Hart discusses the GuacaLatte & Donald Trump with fellow news analysts (all the most important issues, duh).



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Produced with Michael Onufrak: ‪

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Nigel Farage in EU PArliament:

Face the Nation (re: sleepovers):

Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points:

Women’s World Cup Tonight

Meet the Press (re: Donald Trump):

Some Mexicans, they’re rapists
Some are good people
Let’s roll another clip,
While I cry for a little bit
I salute Donald Trump
for focusing on illegal immigration
My face is stuck to my palm now
Everything in the world seems wrong now

We’re gonna win when we’re hopeful
Rather than rrrr rrrr angry all the time
He’s not a stupid guy

I think this is a car accident candidacy, Donald Trump, which is essentially–

There’s a car accident
You don’t want to slow down
But everybody looks (everybody looks)
And there’s gonna be traffic now
He’s a car accident
People know when you’re just full of BS
Can’t look away from that mess, it’s grotesque
There’s a car accident
Don’t look, just pass
There’s a car accident
Keep your foot on the gas

Do you think, in any way, that the goalkeeper was having difficulty
With the sunlight? (SUUUUUNLIGHT!)
With the sunlight? (SUUUUUNLIGHT!)
Sun or no sun,
We got the job done
We got the job done
We got the job done

Chris Christie, he had a slumber party
At Mitt Romney’s house with Marco Rubio
–Did somebody say slumber party
–I think they did
–Alright, let’s go

You bring the smash bros!
You bring the pizza!
OK, you bring the dance moves!
You bring the speakers!
Alright! (Alright!) we’re gonna have a sleepover tonight!
Tonight, tonight, alright, alright
Alright! (Alright!) we’re gonna have a sleepover tonight!
Woo! Tonight, alright

So, Ted Cruz goes to Buzzfeed!
What’s-what’s Buzzfeed?
It’s a news aggregate, um, sort of edgy
Hi, I’m Ted, and I’m auditioning for any part I can get
Always twirling, twirling!
Heidely-ho, neighborino!
Do they like him at Buzzfeed?
Was it smart to go to Buzzfeed?
So he goes to Buzzfeed!
So he goes to Buzzfeed!
Sell a book to Buzzfeed!
Get a lot of boats in Buzzfeed!
So he goes to Buzzfeed!
Goes to Buzzfeed!

The split between Greece and Germany is nigh
Europe is beginning to die, to die
But with your head held high,
You will recover
With your head held high,
We’d all start to love each other
Europe is actually beginning to die
But you will recover with your head held high

There is a new Berlin Wall, and it’s called the Euro
But you will recover with your head held high
With your head held high,
As night follows day,
Give your people the leadership
And the hope that they crave
So your moment has come
Your people will recognize
That you will recover with your head held high