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John Oliver explains why the integrity of local news is so important, how sponsored content could damage that integrity, and why the Venus Veil is so much more than a blanket! (It’s not.)

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  1. Integrity John Oliver. I believe that was thrown out with the baby's bath water long ago, like when that phrase was initiated. But if you are at home suffering an ailment possibly lasting a long time, which has weakened your immune system to constant advertising you are watching on TV because you are at home with nothing else to do because you are suffering, especially from depression, you would pick up the phone and buy something like this because big bright flashing warning lights are not alerting you not to do this. And believe me there are a lot of severely depressed people out there which these marketing machines, news show and product seller are very much aware of. IE see focus surveys and citizen health surveys.😭🤕😤☠️

  2. Is Your Name, Rumpelstiltskin? "A Preface to Reality"
    Computers cut out the middleman. We no longer need to subscribe to authority types in suits pushing agendas over information. They tell us what to buy, what to think, and how low to stay. Now, I am free to order the books of influence and the vaster arguments. Middlemen authorities beware! They're going to be the new church calling the press the dark arts and chasing neo-witches. Hey. I don't even need textbooks. I'll pull from the sources. Stick to generalized current events, man. Usually, by the time the current events are reported they are old news anyway like Shakespeare versus Goethe. 😆. I'll stick to trade secrets, Occultism, and European history, thanks.

  3. Uh how often do people sunburn their vagina exactly? You would have to be sunbathing nude and hold yourself at a fairly vertical angle for extended periods, with your legs open. Can't say I see that happening too often accidentally.

  4. I've noticed the local segment for "Cook's Corner" on WMUR has started doing cooking segments where the first step is using a product by the restaurant of the person doing the segment. It's not even "this is a faster way, here's the base you can use if you don't have it at home", it's full on F___G "You MUST use this" as no other step is provided beyond "buy our shit". WTF?!

  5. So this explains why there's weird interviews with Jehovah's Witnesses about "how door knocking changed during covid" on the news in Houston. I live in Michigan yet I've seen these damn things.

  6. The American Dream "A Greek Mesoi Fanatical Dust Bunny"
    It's time to make Peter Pan Syndrome a reality diagnosis. Where is the adult base? Maybe, the subjugation would take if it weren't written by sixteen-year-olds playing with information warfare tactics?

  7. The well-deserved humiliation these shows and hosts must have felt after this aired. It's bad enough when innocent folks get ripped-off with a product that's useless, but when they promote an item that could actually lead to injury, or a 'professional' who could do harm to people or lose their savings, that's very shameful. The least these shows can do is a little investigation before they accept payment for something (or someone) to be sponsored content.

  8. Mysteriousness
    Most people hate what they find mysterious. Secrecy is a dangerous game. Definitions and understandings are everything to people. To invoke violence and hatred is to become mysterious but people will stay and try to understand for extended periods of time. Be warned, dangergelder especially when traveling through Candar or Hamor for not all remember Recluse and will treat you as thus!

  9. For those who are vaccine hesitant seeing a news channel saying they are sponsored by Pfizer just fuels their suspicion. How can you trust their independent opinion if they are sponsored by them?

  10. Now shows that are normally filmed with an audience are filmed without one, makes it seem (at least to me) as if all the jokes are falling flat.
    Even though I find it funny I cringe a wee bit as well because it gives the illusion in my mind as though the joke absolutely tanked.

  11. As an European I don't believe anything regarding medicine said by Americans and generally I'm very sceptical to what US media/scientists/politicians/celebrities say – the line between genuine content and the sponsored one simply doesn't exist in this country anymore
    John is wrong here: US media don't have any credibilty anymore

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