Sri Lanka crisis: Citizens hit streets in Colombo with gas cylinders | World News | WION

Sri Lanka continues to reel under economic and political turmoil as massive protests have rocked the island nation. Sri Lanka has lifted its nationwide curfew for 12 hours.

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  1. 23 million people in an island smaller than Tasmania. Very little exports. Reliant on tourism. Corrupt government. It ain't going to end well. Many over populated semi developed countries will fall in the coming years. Sad.

  2. all of this the reason is only politicians they are the reaons for struggling the innocents , they are the reason for wars. what is govt its only name under politicians since they drive it.

  3. Bhai filhal main to Sab pay curruption ka ilzam LAga raha hoon
    Sache hogy mujhe nahen pata
    Leader apna Sab kuch nikal ke awam ko deta hay
    Apke politians Amer hen awam ghareb matlab
    Pasy chori hote hen
    Haq khaya jata hay
    Farz Kero Pasy hen khana nahen
    Asa hony wala hay ek pora sal kyana nahen hoga to Pasy Kisi kam k nahen
    Surah waqya
    Or zameen hi bachaegi
    Pasy nahe. Or koi insan nahen

  4. Protest kis chez k liea hay
    Kia new election kerwana chate ho
    Koi bhi president bane chori to Karega
    Apas main larna band Kero
    Problem ko solve Kero
    Solution batao or Kero Baki
    Ek ko utarny sy koi farak anhen parta

  5. In your condition if some one help you with money your nation will loss it again
    You will face same condition after some months so what is your problem your problem is food not gold
    From nation no one is willing to work hard for food they have concentration on money there are no farmers left ? I don't know your condition ? Tell Muslims to read surah waqya
    And other non Muslim can read it to

  6. Hindu paper Editor Suresh Nambath is always support / favour to corrupted Gotapaya rajapaksa & Mhida rajapaksa for a long time. These papers controlled by Kasturi family. Gotapaya Rajapaksa & Mihinda Rajapaksa killed 300000 Tamil HINDU youths and destroyed their homes by dropped foreign made ( INDIAN, CHINA & PAKSTAN) bombs. Our South Indian Tamil brothers & sisters knew these facts. Hindu paper editor chooses the Jaffna Hindu Tamils as a weakest link in their point of view. They encourage corrupted Rajapaksa regime to killed young Hindu Tamils for their benefits during the civil war. This is their dirty HINDU business. Ordinary Singhalese peoples knew the facts. Tamils youths working/ living / studying around the world including USA, INDIA, CHINA,EUROPION UNION COUNTRIES AND UNITED KINGDOM.

  7. The economic crisis in Sri Lanka has now engulfed the political system and the entire society.
    The Rajapaksa regime was responsible for the disastrous decisions that contributed to the economic crisis. The decision to cut taxes, stop fertilizer imports for use in agriculture and grandiose investments in vanity projects were all taken by the authoritarian regime which reduced revenues, disrupted agricultural production and added to the growing debt burden. The Covid pandemic only precipitated the looming crisis with the drastic fall in foreign exchange earnings with the stoppage of tourism and remittances from Sri Lankan workers abroad.

    Ever since the economic collapse, the people had suffered in the midst of severe shortages of food, fuel and medicines and galloping price-rise. The unbearable conditions of life drove people to come out into the streets to protest.Thousands participated in these peaceful protests which drew support from all sections of people including teachers, students, employees and trade unions.

    The demand that president Gotabaya quit is justified as it is he who wields tremendous executive powers. He has to be held mainly accountable for the economic mess that has been created and for the authoritarian national security state that has been set up. The economic and political crises are intertwined.

    The ouster of the Rajapaksa regime must be accompanied by a democratic transformation of the country’s political and economic structures. The executive presidency has to be abolished and the centralised national security state set-up dismantled. The neoliberal framework of policies has to be replaced by a pro-people path of development. The disillusionment with the Rajapaksa clan will hopefully result in the depletion of Sinhala Buddhist nationalism and lay the basis for the unity of the people with a democratic approach to linguistic and religious minorities.

    The Sri Lankan government is negotiating with the IMF for a loan programme. This will entail cuts in welfare, austerity measures along with further privatisation. The mainstream political establishment in Sri Lanka sees no other way but to follow the IMF dictates. But this is not a solution to the deep structural crisis. It is necessary to set out an alternative path – one which will protect the people’s interests and also shield Sri Lanka from the depredations of finance capital.There has to be a restructuring of the political and economic systems and rally the people to fight for such a change.

  8. ONLY HOPE for the SINKING Island SAJITH PREMADASA , Watch the FULL interview ; this guy is NOT NORMAL Absolut stunning interview for the whole Human race ,

  9. Most intelligent thief's- everything is gone outside the country dollars, Gold , Diamond, items transport through African countries to America.? While holding a foreign currencys account in Dubai bank …

  10. These great protest should not go futile.Gotapaiya Rajapaksa is there who should have gone First.
    These are all Puppets and will be guided by the the superior "The most Corrupted Rajapaksa".
    Send them Jail or expell then. Lanka needs New Rational thinker not these thiefs. Do it Lanka.

  11. Locally produced alcohol could be used as fuel. Instead of gas or kerosene, take some vegetable oil, react it with methanol or ethanol with caustic soda and produce some biodiesel.
    Learn to make fire with flint stones as it is hard to find box of matches or lighters in the shops.

  12. People in Sri Lanka have converted into lazy creatures demanding everything from Governments. They use imported LP gas even in villages instead of firewood available in abundance . Now they face difficulty to find energy for cocking . Young people do not like to use firewood. They think rulers must supply everything to them.
    Some others only intention is take revenge from Rajapaksas , not solving people's problems.

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