Subway: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses one of the largest franchises in the U.S., how their business model doesn’t always serve franchisees, and what it all has to do with Korean dramas.

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  1. "Fake it while you make it" might be the best motto for the chain. We had a local Subway run by an immigrant guy that lasted only about 6 months. Why? He kept cheating on the sandwiches– every week he would put in less meat and more filler like lettuce. Aiso the quality of the meat was poor. The trouble with the franchise model: no quality control from a home office.

  2. I can’t tell y’all how moved I was when he said “………………..what?”
    Literal tears, tears that fell directly onto ny subway Italian bmt sandwich

  3. I remember in the 90s there were no Subways, and then suddenly there were three fairly close. Back then, they'd be open much later than everywhere else, until midnight on weekdays and 2 AM on weekends. As a teen who'd get off work after 11 PM, this was one of the few places you could eat.

    I actually remember liking the sandwiches then, especially compared to the McDonald's alternative. They only had two kinds of bread, so it was usually freshly baked. Subway was one of the closest places to eat near the high school too, so it was always packed at lunch.

    I didn't eat Subway for a while, came back and they had like 7 kinds of bread. Every single time I got a sandwich in the future (usually while traveling on a road trip and needing non-McDonald's/Burger King etc food), the sandwiches were horrible because the bread was almost always stale. I haven't eaten at a Subway in years now, usually picking Jimmy John's when road tripping for some "fast" food.

    The K-Pop at the end was a thing of beauty and perfectly done to the point that it looked legit until the tuna thing. 🙂

  4. 6:47 "Subway demands 12.5% of sales" Oh if you think that's bad, Valve (Steam) and Apple take 30% of all sales selling other people's intellectual property, at least Subway is actually involved in the making of the products they sell 😂.

  5. It is clear to me that all corporation's success is built on the suffering of the grass roots. It is a typical zero-sum games to play the franchise game. It is worse than fixed income model.

  6. I've always kinda liked Subway, it was my go-to when my friends got McDonald's or burger king, and I'd just meet up with them there. Never liked fast food burgers, and I never found the sandwiches to be as bad as people made it out to be.

    Still I know it's kind of a scummy business now, and the prices are too much. Good thing some alternatives for sandwiches have popped up near me in recent years, but I don't really eat much fast food anymore anyways.

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