Surge in COVID-19 cases sparks debate on growing risk for children l WNT

COVID-19 cases are up nearly 60% in a week, and more than 35,000 cases have been reported a day. With the rise in infections, officials are sharing concerns for unvaccinated children.




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  1. This is on Jerkoff Joe He is killing your children. look at how many of those infected illegals are children. he is spreading them to your neighborhood. they will be going to school with your kids. they will be infecting your kids. I told you Biden is Toxic to America. This Scumbag must be removed from office immediately

  2. Hello, I need a good and honest nanny in USA that has experience in taking care of children , you will be paid 1200 – 1500 weekly (you will get half advance payment, then you’ll get the balance of the other half at the end of the week). Interested applicants should contact me on 619-750-0042

  3. If the vaccine helps but not against the delta and further variations, what’s the point? Like the ever mutating flu. This is wild. Everyone dies that’s the only given in life. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. We gotta let the unvaccinated teachers teach the children who are not vaccinated because the experimental vaccine people are dealing with break through cases and spike proteins or something and it's still not even full approved SAVE THE CHILDREN MANDATORY SCHOOLS CHOICE VOUCHERS NOW. POWER TO THE PEOPLE NOW. IT'S A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE

  5. Do people buy this stuff anymore? How many times have they changed the story? Masks don't do anything, then mask are important. Children aren't at risk, then children at risk. It didn't come from a lab, then it came from a lab. Do I need to keep going?

    All this talk on "tracking" the virus, yet they don't track the breakthrough cases? Logical. How you going to act like the vaccine is our savior if you aren't tracking everyone, vaccinated or not. And why aren't we throwing all available resources to KNOW where the virus originated? I'm sure they already know where it came from, but they also know people will trust them even less when they find out they made it, and are now acting like they are the ones keeping us safe.

  6. What a bunch of BS. Main stream media again in fake news just preparing us for another lock down and all the false flags that are coming. I don’t think the people are going to take it this time. Tired of being lied to. Blame in the unvaccinated. How come the Democrats that fled Texas we’re all vaccinated and still got Covid? The unvaccinated are the ones that are educated.

  7. I’m so tired of these SPINELESS NEWS REPORTERS.. when are they going to DO some real investigative REPORTING ..if it’s so bad WHY REOPEN THE DAMN COUNTY ..🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. Nurse Kristi Simmonds now uncontrollably shakes after being" vaccinated "
    Her life's flipped upside down and is suffering greatly. And she did it to help her patients
    Angellia Lynne Desselle went paralyzed after the vaccine
    . bad heart now. And is scared.
    her bloodwork shows nothing wrong

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