'Very dangerous point': Former British Commander makes chilling WWIII claim

Former British Commander Richard Kemp says “we’re probably closer to World War Three than we’ve ever been”. “Probably including the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962,” Colonel Kemp told Sky News Australia. “I think we are at a very, very dangerous point now.”

The World's Most Dangerous Drug Wars | News on Drugs

100,000s of dead; mass graves; public executions; a growing refugee crisis. The narco wars of Latin America are beginning to look more and more like open warfare. Ioan Grillo has spent two-decades reporting from the front line of the cartel warzone – spending time with sicarios, traffickers, special forces troops, and the innocent victims caught… Continue reading The World's Most Dangerous Drug Wars | News on Drugs

Dangerous travel conditions up and down the East Coast | World News Tonight

69-car pileup during a dense fog in Virginia and sheets of ice falling from a building in New York City. WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: ALSO AVAILABLE TO WATCH ON HULU: #WorldNewsTonight #Dangerous #TravelConditions #EastCoast #ABCNews