Taliban seizes Kabul, chaos breaks out in streets l WNT

Disturbing video shows large crowds of Afghans trying to escape and forcing the Kabul airport to shut down. At least seven people have been reportedly killed during the airport chaos.




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  1. Those Afghans don't believe on God …that's y afraid to escape. They will b just Fine … cz leaders taking over are not Mexicans…

  2. 6:15 I hope you actually know what proper, unbiased, nonpartisan journalism looks like. Also that you’re good at taking criticism from readers.

  3. I mean Biden was president at that time but how dumm can you be to let the enemy steam tv in your contry like when Obama was president not even Fox could get close to Isis but If trump or Hillary was in charge he would just bomb everyone. I don't think that would be a difference

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  5. @4:57 !!!!! ANYONE NOTICE somthing wrong about that police officer or army man in official fitted UNIFORM walking freely around the Taliban!? Must be as corrupt as Mexicos officials

  6. In Islam, they are waiting for the 12th Imam, the Mahdi, their Messiah. They believe the world will be at the height of violence and chaos when he arrives. So, causing violence and chaos speeds his arrival; they believe he will make the entire world "Islam" by persuasion or by force. Once we understand this then we have a better understanding of why they do what they do.

  7. We spent billions arming the Afghan military… now it all belongs to the Taliban… Well done. (Sarcasm)

  8. I’ve learned that you can’t force your help on people who don’t want to help themselves. You can offer, you can try, but ultimately the decision is theirs to make.

  9. American politicians and generals should read the following books:

    Mao Zedong's On Guerrilla War
    Mao Zedong's On Protracted War
    Sun Tzu's Art of War

    No amount of military hardware or special force training will ever defeat a highly organized and politically-zealous enemy.

    While the US armed forces is apolitical; the armed forces of the Chinese, Russian, Cubans, Vietnam, are politically indoctrinated and their loyalty are tested even before they learn how to fire a gun or rifle.

    America didn't learn her lesson in Vietnam; America didn't understood itself and forgotten that the US Armed Forces was born out of a revolutionary group.

    America focused too much on technology and special forces rather than on national strategy.

    America's military is metric-driven and not driven by strategy on the top.

  10. This just feels like the city of Gotham , being terrorized.
    But, sadly, it's real life.

    No Bruce Wayne to save it.😥

  11. As much as I agree we have to leave the country watching this makes me feel bad all those live all that money gone just like that

  12. Nobody cares about anyone besides close family and friends these days. Just the way it goes. I’m afraid the world we live in will become worse.

  13. It's all being done for a purpose. Just wait and see what comrades Biden and his cronies have in store for what happened next.

  14. Biden: "I stand squarely behind my decision"……..because Kamala told me I had to.

    Biden: "I'm not going to make the mistakes of the past"…..because I'm too busy making my own mistakes of the present.

  15. Romans 10:9-10
    New International Version
    9 If you declare(A) with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,”(B) and believe(C) in your heart that God raised him from the dead,(D) you will be saved.(E) 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

  16. Just turned news on,Thug's with guns in truck's take over kabul.
    Supposedly trained government Afghan well equipped army run off & left the Afgan people to face the bandits the chaos and the consequences.
    What's going on!

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