1. The arena for the Olympics is called “BENKI” in Japan.
    That means “TOILET BAUL”😂🙄
    And almost all Japanese are angry at government. Because they spend EXTRA money for the olympics


  2. I have a Japanese friend from Japan. Without fans attendance I asked her how is Tokyo going to generate revenue back to what they paid. She said they wont and that they are taxing the citizens there to pay off the costs. Talk about a load of BS!

  3. In Japan, a dark and bizarre song rang. The dancer's clothes are hanbok and the drone show was stolen from Pyeongchang. The Olympic Games revealed the truth of Japan.Are foreigners participating in the Tokyo Olympics experimental rats? The government has detected a large amount of cesium for the revival Olympics in Fukuoka honey, but is diligently hiding it. What about the U.S. after cursing only Korea that opened a restaurant?Duality of lack of preparation has been known to the world that people throw away Japanese lunch boxes and eat Korean lunch boxes.For Europeans and Americans who do not know Japan well, Japan has always acted like a moral country, but the Japanese media has never reported that South Korea has support in 5G, card payment systems, ticketing systems, and some drug tests. In the past, South Korea sent a large amount of aid to the East Japan earthquake, but the famous Japanese media, which cleverly subtracted from statistical data, caused a stir in Korea due to medical collapse. At this rate, it must be a racist country and a war criminal country. Refusing care to Koreans, Japanese occupation period and now The same is true of the Olympics. The Australian media pointed out that the swimming of excrement is only criticizing Korea. Don't eat too many peaches in Fukushima. Do you feel good about watching Korean-made LG TV and hiding the truth and criticizing Korea? So did you make a lot of money? There will be another dark funeral in Japan. No one tells the truth to the Japanese.

  4. People are worried about the missing spectators in Tokyo Olympic games for the loss in revenue. nonetheless it can generate considerably higher revenue than the other countries by selling the broadcasting rights at the contemporary prices.
    Broadcasting rights prices have been boomed up after the covid pandemic hit the World

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  6. Lmao the BBC can never make it's mind up one minuit the Olympics are amazing for an econemy the next it's oh it costs too much to host 😂😂😂, Surely the increase in economic input will more than cover the cost of hosting. Wasn't that the reasoning behind the London olympics back in 2012

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