The Murder That Shook Up The CCP | The Big Steal

Before his fall from grace, Bo Xilai was at the height of his power in China’s political establishment, considered a rival to no-less than Xi Jinping, the current President of China.
However, the murder of a business associate marked the beginning of the end of Bo’s grasp on power.

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  1. The US installed Xi Jing Ping cuz they thought they could control him but Xi outsmarted the US and now they are going to destroy the West.

  2. So they had a dictatorship inside a dictatorship lol
    Well at least they punished a high ranking politician for corruption, here in west they all get away

  3. you realize this happened like a billion years ago right? 😆Yeesh, when did VICE get so bad at EVERYTHING!🤣

  4. Humans are the cancer of the earth, I hope the whole generation of this two-legged creature will be wiped off the face of the earth.😢😢😢😢😢

  5. The decision to film this while moving through the garden actually helps make this feel less bad

  6. Actually, hundreds of years later and the CCP is no different than the imperial court in terms of competition amongst cadres and courtesans.

    It comes with the territory of ruling a big country with lots of people.

  7. Excellent video. I would've liked to see the Chinese characters and terms associated with the factions and such, would've been cool to add in.

  8. They seriously be digging up news from ten years ago lmao y’all really be thinking about China too much

  9. And Bo's downfall rose Xi Jinping. Xi is really down to earth. China is at the stage where it still needs Mao's style constitution due to many places still being underdeveloped. Xi will probably be the last true communist. With a huge population like that, lack of government intervention would only widen the wealth gap. Xi managed to lift so many out of poverty. After communism ideology slowly die out, there will be more capitalism, corruption and wokeness from the west.

  10. Mao died in 1976 not 1979. I mean as a video watched by 410 thousand viewers, the editors should at least have the decency to get this simple fact straight.

  11. Really enjoyed the presenter and the filming. Just wished it was uploaded in 4K. The camera quality looks like it was probably filmed in higher resolution.

  12. Atom Araullo’s mother is a member of CPP-NPA, a terrorist group in the Philippines according to former cadres.

  13. Atom Araullo reporting for VICE…Atom works in our local network here GMA7…what is he doing reporting fire VICE? So anyone can report for VICE

  14. You can take this story and apply it to practically any dynasty in Chinese history and it would sound the same. The dynasty may have changed, but the fight for power is still the same.

  15. Please get a newsreader who actually knows about China and can pronounce Chinese names. No added value.

  16. NOTE: there is no official CCP. That abbreviation was invented by those who continuously attempt to discredit the progress China has made in the past 41 years. The official abbreviation is CPC — Communist Party of China. It is also worth noting that China is neither communist or capitalist–it has introduced privatization but with centralized regulation to ensure that people come first, hence the term "socialism with Chinese characteristics."

  17. Mao died in 1976 (!) not 1979. How low is the VICE News research quality and essentially the education level of the staff to make a misstake that big? Cannot take you guys seriously…

  18. In a way the ccp has a Left and a Right wing that battle each other behind the scenes. Just more hidden

  19. It’s inaccurate to describe party officials as low paid. They are low paid by the CCP, but this is based on the understanding that their wages will be supplemented by the corruption economy and non-fiscal perks. In reality they’re often very wealthy indeed – for example the official found with tonnes of gold bullion at home. You only need to do that when you’re very wealthy and a large portion of that wealth is illegal so cannot be stored in a bank.

  20. And all of this every came out, only because the ex police chief went to a foreign consulate and then it became public to the world…causing them to lose face if they did nothing. Otherwise – it would have been much more convenient to cover it up and hide what someobody within their own party had done. There is a reason he went to the US consulate and not his own central government.

  21. For those who love some drama: supposedly Bo Xilai's wife Gu Kailai and Neil Heywood were also dating on the side. And the police chief Wang also had a thing with Bo's wife Fu Kailai.

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