The World's Most Dangerous Drug Wars | News on Drugs

100,000s of dead; mass graves; public executions; a growing refugee crisis. The narco wars of Latin America are beginning to look more and more like open warfare.

Ioan Grillo has spent two-decades reporting from the front line of the cartel warzone – spending time with sicarios, traffickers, special forces troops, and the innocent victims caught up in the most intense conflict zone of the War on Drugs.

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  1. Where's this guy from asking the questions? Saturn? Asking questions that a Fukin 5 year old would know the answer to! It's all just common knowledge now for the last Fukin 20 years or summet!

  2. why isnt the US helping?? the US should send the American Military to Liberate the people of Latin America from Cartels , its a great thing Du30 cracked down on drugs , and were winning haha , lets hope latin america gets their own Du30.

  3. They absolutely DO traffic guns from the US to Mexico.
    They steal them from legal gun owners while they're at work in home invasions/burglaries and move them within their organization as needed.
    They're not buying them legally and shipping them down south.. Unless that person doing that IS a citizen. In which case they belong in federal prison. There are laws against that already. More laws will NOT change that.
    If you want proof, ban 3d printers, or sheet metal and pipes. People can ALWAYS make a Luty!!!

  4. Suing gun companies is the equivalent of suing a car company because people are using it in a deadly fashion in a nearby country. There not directly importing guns into mexico, they have warning labels.

  5. The only possible way to end drug wars and cartels is if someone can come up with a vaccine or injection that neutralises the effects of drugs on the brain permanently, rendering them useless. Once this vaccine is rolled out to the complete population across the globe, drug lords will literally go out of business overnight. Right now the focus is on the drugs and it’s producers and not the consumer and that’s the problem. This is the only permanent solution and mark my words, this will definitely happen one day.

  6. When will dictator countries learn? The more they fight it, the more country lose! Just legalize and control production and distribution of all drugs. It's better to control the supply than killing & injailing one kinds people and letting other kinds people overdose on bad quality drugs! Stop causing issues over drugs, grow tf up! 🤦🏻

  7. It is a socioeconomic issue. You have more jobs, education and you will not have this issue. The problem in Latin America is that the Government doesnt care bc the politicians are always people that have money and dont have to worry about that. Attack a president of a country and see how they stop the drug lords of their country. They know how to stop them but it doesnt affect them, then they dont care.

  8. Are we not gonna mention how the cartels got most of those guns? Does fast and furious ring any bells? For those who don’t know…. Obama sold guns to the cartel that supposedly had gps in them. Well, if you believe the official story, the batteries went dead in the gps and they went missing. The agenda for more regulation does not escape Vice, no matter how much they try and seem unbiased.

  9. If u legalize drugs, u would take away the majority base of the cartels income, without that income they can not keep bribing police and politicians or anyone else for that matter. which will restore justice to those areas, and since there’s no territories or route to fight over the wars will dramatically decrease. They may still fight each other because of personal vendettas but they won’t have the money to buy all that m military grade firepower. I know ppl will think that’s ridiculous, but is it really? 100 years ago alcohol was prohibited just the same as many of these drugs, how well did that work? Prohibition of any substance that has a great demand will always make criminal organizations rich. Also, Amsterdam actually lowered their number of addicts when they legalized drugs, and I believe they have completely gotten rid of homelessness, not to mention all the added tax dollars infused into the economy.

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