This is happening all over the country: Watters

Jesse Watters reveals the full extent of the crime wave sweeping the country on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #TuckerCarlsonTonight

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  1. The judge who let the criminals out early and on parole should be held totally accountable too for the criminal’s subsequent crimes and violence on others.

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  3. When our Demoratic Republic needs improvement you don't get rid of it you make it better!
    Our Democratic Republic has been subject to overwhelming corruption on the part of corporate interests who lobby representatives for their benefit not for the benefit of the majority of Americans.
    This culture of lobbying has been very destructive to ordinary people's lives as well as to our most vulnerable citizens because corporations have not proven to have any regard for the average person's health safety or well-being or for the well-being of that environment upon which all life depends. Corporations only care about their profits at all costs to everything.
    So rather than get rid of a potentially good system of government we need to improve it.
    Trading it in for ultra extremist right wing corporate dominated minority rule is not going to solve the problems that so many Americans have.
    We do not want to lose our right to free and fair elections or to have a society that is not of for a system of government that is of for and by the people and trade it in for a government that is of for and by the 1%.

  4. Remember the good old days when we just hung them in public and left them there for their friends to see? We need to get back to those days soon

  5. Schools that fail get defunded??? Nobody's thinking of pouring more money into bad schools despite the lack of resources, those schools are not worth investing in. We only want quality, give us something worth investing in. That's always been the American way, right?
    Why should law enforcement be any different? Crime is up! Then someone's not doing their job, cut the funds and work harder, this is America, and America is about working hard for what you want…😆They need more money🤣, of course they do, this is America were we all need more money. What else is new?

  6. Almost as bad as Donald Trump lying about the fact that covid-19 was deadly. Donald Trump is responsible as a result for hundreds of thousands of deaths in our country. When will he be prosecuted?

  7. Not strange that when the capital insurrection happened Fox News had little or nothing to say about it. Yet they will swear that they are in favor of supporting police. They are lying hypocrites.

  8. There are no police that have been defunded. But let Fox News just continue with their lies. Fox News should be prosecuted for lying about any police that have been defunded.

  9. Here's a thought. Abolish the laws allowing our children to quit school. High-school diploma required. Should have been done 50 years ago. Trade schools. Teach your children respect for the laws.

  10. The common theme in ALL these discussions is always the exact same…..disgusted ACCEPTANCE lacking any resolve to personally get involved in stopping any of it.
    "We need to"…."We should"….are the words of passive acceptance. It will get MUCH worse folks

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