This Morning’s Top Headlines – Dec. 16 | Morning News NOW

The CDC warns Covid cases and deaths could rise as concerns over the omicron variant grow, President Biden comforts families in the Kentucky communities devastated by tornadoes, and more key witnesses face deposition by the House January 6 committee. 

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  1. Maybe that ice cold vaccine going into the vein were the warm blood is causing a clot…just a thot..

  2. I am scared…oh no, it s covid…mommy mommy it's covid drama…series again. When ut will end, it is boring and annoying.

  3. So…if you were fully vaccinated Oct 1 st..your not exspected to get booster right?Boosters are for those who got vaccine last spring right?

  4. where's McConnell protesting about refusing help for the people of Kentucky because helping people is Socialism? Does he now accept that caring for the people who live in our communities is a moral necessity especially after such devastating events? Democratic socialism helps people rebuild especially when mother nature is harsh.

  5. So, the anti-Biden crowd turned up to tell President Biden how unpopular he is?
    Hey! While I'm absolutely no fan of our current PoTUS, I somehow don't think trying to politicize this tragedy is a very bright idea…. But then again, this IS Kentucky, so no one should be surprised! Never mind that their beloves Senator Turtle voted against providing federal aid to other states who were hit by natural disasters.

  6. Mandate overweight (78% hospitalization/deaths CDC) twice weekly exercise/diet program or be terminated for non compliance with the mandate. We have known for 2 yrs that obesity increases the risk of hospitalization/deaths over 300% CDC! Yet obesity (along with number of deaths per year) as increased during the pandemic. Overweight need to take some accountability for being the number 1 risk factor currently overwhelming the healthcare community.

  7. Help spread covid get vaccinated now,stop lying about the vaccine ur lies already killed Colin powell, protected my azz

  8. Have to be very skeptical of what Schiff reads??? Remember the fake transcript of the Ukraine phone call?? Very "Convincing"!!!!!!!

  9. More deaths and hospitalizations with omicron coming in for winter

    But reports say omicron was reportedly mild cases and kinda like a mild cold 🤔🤔🤔

    Whos lying…?

  10. Stop the fear, don't buy the lies. They are selling fear to sell more vaccines and make Billions.

  11. What percentage of cases/hospitalization/deaths are overweight per CDC? What number of cases/hospitalization/deaths would be eliminated by eliminating the majority risk factor?

  12. *1,805 die daily or 1 death every 36 seconds from Heart Disease with 659K deaths every year *CDC eat healthy my friends

  13. Te government is creating this big lie off virus just to get every one vaccine,,control power off disguise

  14. The morning top news should be, how the republiklan GOP traitors and their unpatriotic supporters are traitors to the United States of America.
    The top news stories should be how the republiklan GOP traitors in Congress have been exposed by the texts and the phone calls made Jan 6 to overthrow the government of the united states of America.
    These are the traitors of America who sit in Congress and make laws, and vote on bills that they have money invested in.

  15. Let's get this straight. You got a college campus that everyone suppose to be vaccinated. But you have over 400 covid cases and rising. Sorry the science doesn't add up.

  16. I'm from Scotland and I've had both vaccines and my booster as have my elderly parents and all my friends. Why is USA so slow in vaccine uptake?

  17. "Daily reminder to live in fear of the CHINA-19 virus".
    —– The CDC, big Pharma, & the liberal corporate media

  18. ###HELP THE Homeless # what is the president and mayors doing to help the homeless doing the pandemic shelters are overloaded and some people have viruses## outbreak a covid 19 help is needed in Detroit people are sleeping in vacant houses and it's getting cold swatting in hallways of apartments president help the homeless

  19. KENTUCKY – Time to reconfigure the property allotments and zoning laws in the County struck by the tornado.
    The community of people would be wise to build new structures out of the path of destruction and the structures themselves have to serve a double use and purpose, 1., for living and 2., for emergency shelter. Climate catastrophes is the impetus for these changes .

  20. President Biden is pledging to do all he can to bring assistance to the affected region and thats a good thing. But lets all find a way to help out even if in a small way. Together we can do a lot. Also all homes and buildings must have a safe and secure tornado shelter! We can find a way to get this accomplished.So many lives could have been saved if only they had a tornado shelter.

  21. 3 weeks since 🦃 day. Spreading it around 🇺🇸 With 🎄 coming 🇺🇸 can bring a quick 900000 white flags on the lawn. Happy Hellidays everyone.

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