Top U.S. & World Headlines — December 15, 2021


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  1. that woman Conchita Gonzalez Keen was accepted itizenship herde with no question and she is still trying to prove that GArabandal message came for anything but the reason of what I know. She now claims it meant the pope would go to Russia. Nothing to do with my dad is St. Lazarus who chose my mom fgrom ythis world to shgow the real sanctity of holy love from Paradise of Heavenbs perspective. She is not my grandfather ST John the Baptist at my church Father John Mooney. She is no bettrer then a spyt on my family to keep this up.

  2. Why don't you stay home for 14 days? Everything worked out. I just can't figure out what the Europeans think. Infectious type. Is to isolate the infection of nature good ah. Don't understand. Are you living 100 years ago? Not a thought?

  3. So let me get this straight this black man have no problem filing a civil lawsuit against the proud boys clan members when they terrorize the White House but when it comes to people of color and black people nobody wants to step up to the plate especially people like him this is an insult to black people

  4. A bill will not eliminate Islamophobia. Part of the phobia comes from the distrust due to the sanctioned story of the downing of a giant, where the giant was killed after his guard was lowered (after gaining trust of his assassins). News stories such as the burning of Christmas trees and the father killing his daughter for becoming westernized fuels further phobia. Not sure what to recommend. Suggestions?

  5. Oh let me add Democracy now. I had no issues passing the law exam or real estate exam test the first time. I am undecided on what to accomplish to move forward in my investments because I have learned so much. One Love

  6. We keep overlooking how any City or State can even get to the point of dirty money, violence, and deaths. If the ones who claim to be so concerned about the communities stop focusing on what Someone is doing, instead of what they are showing. The USA progress would have been magnified by now. The Media, including our biggest top speakers, fail to say that People with money are not the best Representatives. Our Representatives in place NEVER say the less fortunate are the real Leaders. The less fortunate are the ones who witness face on all the problems because they are in the streets. Our Representatives do not say that money for the ones speaking irritatingly represents deadly drugs, dead innocent People, corruption, and hatred. Self- hatred being the number one killer. The Representatives do not say that most money is blood money and that No One should follow that kind of money train. Instead the Representatives, some paid to glorify the worse People, and say how successful that Person is. That Person or People intimidate, rob, kill, and control innocent People, where most of the money is nothing to be proud of receiving. The Representatives will help the less fortunate look like they do not have their Iives together to be paid earned money for these menaces to society annoying behinds. It is time to let the truth be the norm. Let the People who are overdue compensation and justice get their money. We still wouldn't like most of the ones who have money. They worry about nothing but attacking People that they do not know.

  7. 800 deaths!!!??? Sorry for my extreme surprise, but I've been estimating more like 8K-8M based on oh, I don't know, the general population's confinement, economic devastation and complete barrage of bullshit since the pandemic began. And I consider myself a liberal minded person. 800???!!! 800…. I need a nap.

  8. I am not an anti-vaxxer or anti-masker. I am both vaccinated and wear a mask whenever out. I have a question. How is it that we lost 400,000 people last year with loon-ball Trump and no Covid plan in place and then we lost another 400,000 this year with Biden, mass vaccinations and reported decreases in infections. I'm just confused. Can anybody clarify.

  9. Ilham oumar is a fake social right fighter. A con artist. She must be voted out asap. US public does not need a lier. Vote her out now. You won't get my vote again.

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