Top U.S. & World Headlines — July 26, 2021


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  1. Now how can white supremaciest blame black people for the forest fires. Because that what white supremaciest do blame black people for things they do. Black people don't care about the old black people that never did anything for black people only themselves. Black people will not help this racist country called American that never helped black people except the ones they placed over the rest of us.

  2. Cuba must be treated worse than any other socialist country because it is in our hemisphere and the USA cannot toloerate the "threat of a good example" of any socialist government – remember Chile! It is why the CIA has committed atrocities in Cuba and Chile.

  3. GOOD JOB MEXICO, trudeau proves everyday he doesnt have anything near the energy, strength of character Pierre Elliot Trudeau had… not that he has to be like him but its a little odd to see him be a left wing liberal without a spine and he came from that… None theless the thing about Cuba is they are humans just like us, we dont trade with them but we trade with Saudi Arabia? Who whip women to death, get real?

  4. What we should all have concluded by now. Microsoft is a government company. Gates is nothing more than an operative with a coordinated disguise constructed by media.

  5. DARPA news – untouchable by the "left" presstitutes
    "…..'Insect allies' program aims to disperse infectious genetically modified viruses that have been engineered to edit crop chromosomes directly in the field…"

  6. Are we all being miss directed again by media? We are being asked to blame the unvaccinated for spread of Corona virus instead of Bill gates and the pharmaceutical companies for opposing it's free production around the world who will they blame for the gamma variant ?

  7. Worldwide incompetence , or worldwide intentional mishandling of covid ?
    Worldwide incompetent leadership ?
    Or worldwide international crule governments ?
    Not to hard to know where to point the fingers !

  8. It really is past time that the US lifted sanctions against Cuba. They are inhumane and bring unnecessary suffering to the majority of Cuban people. Lift the sanctions, President Biden–Now!

  9. I said at the beginning of this coronavirus it will soon kill our children. Now it has. And it will only get worse. Is it really worth it to be a Republican when your child dies if you don't believe in the vaccine. Remember your leader Trump got the vaccine even though he had the virus. He didn't need it. But he was scared. But Trump was not a brave man. Yet he doesn't care if you die. The majority of serial killers are narcissists. Trump is narcissist just as Hitler was. I think Trump enjoyed watching 600,000 Americans die from Covid. But for his young son I hope not.

  10. Everyone has a "RIGHT" to their bodies.. abortions are not agreeable..yet women still enact that right.. shameful.. yet those that choose not to vaccinate have rights too.. what is the difference?? No bullying here… Right??

  11. Tunisia was the country that led the Arab spring, they should be happy for the destruction which they were paid for by the West, it seems they ran out of the money they were given for the damage caused. If you doubt they did harm, ask Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, they are still suffering. Crumbs for today hungry tomorrow. Think about it.

  12. Climate Action Now. It is just insane we are still approving fossil fuel investments when the current terrible weather Is from previous fossil fuel use. It's going to get so much worse 😡

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